Eason To Australia

Eason to Australia

John Eason to Tasmania & Victoria Tamar Eason to Victoria George (1) Eason to New South Wales
William Eason to Victoria George (2)  Eason to Victoria  

John Eason, son of William Eason & Susanna Trask, was baptised in 1812 in Merriott.  He married Eliza Raindle in 1834, and their children Robert and Tamar were baptised in 1834 and 1837 respectively.   John was convicted of stealing and transported to Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania), leaving Woolwich on 15th April 1837 and arriving in Van Dieman’s Land on 10th July 1837. His convict record number is 23072.  John moved to Victoria, and married Margaret Creed in Geelong in 1853. Their daughter Sussanah was born in 1857 at Buninyong.

Tamar Easondaughter of John Eason and Eliza Raindle, also emigrated to Victoria, Australia.  In 1851 Tamar was listed as an inmate of the Chard Union Workhouse aged 16 years, along with step-siblings William (13) and Sarah (11).  Two other children follow in the list:  Mary Eason aged 9 and Ellen Eason aged 5.  I do not know whether these last two were also step-siblings of Tamar.

From the Victorian Births, Deaths & Marriages Indexes:

Marriage 1853 Tamar Eason and George Swindley, at Methodist Church, Ballarat Children:
1855 Martha Swindley, born Ballarat
1857 Mary Jane Swindley, born Buninyong
Birth 1862 Ellen Eason, to Tamar Eason, born “Wedd”  
Marriage 1870 Tamar Eason and  Henry Sparks No children listed in the Victorian BDM

George Eason, son of George Eason & Louisa Lawrence, was born in Merriott on 14 February 1856.  He married Harriett Edmunds in South Petherton in 1878.  The couple had two children in Somerset before emigrating to New South Wales- Samuel born 1877, and Annie born December 1880.    They don’t appear on the 1881 UK census but an immigration entry into New South Wales has not been found.  Presumably they migrated shortly after the birth of Annie.   The family settled in Newcastle, New South Wales, where
George’s maternal grandparents, Luke & Sarah Lawrence, were already living, after they had emigrated in 1858.

William Eason, son of Joseph Eason & Elizabeth Clapp, bapt 26 Oct 1813 in Merriott, married Mary Ashford on 29 Oct 1833 at Shepton Mallett, Somerset.  The following
emigrated to Victoria:

Immigration to Victoria, Arrived April 1855, “Northumberland”
William Eason aged 41 Mary Eason aged 41 Ann Eason aged 17
Sarah Eason aged 14 William Eason aged 12 Emma Eason aged 3


Information from Tina Hunt in South Australia gives the following dates of birth/baptism for children of William Eason & Mary Ashford:

Elizabeth Eason bapt 18 Aug 1834, Shepton, Somerset Sarah Ann Eason born 9 Dec 1836, Shepton, Somerset Anna Maria Eason born 5 Aug 1839, Shepton, Somerset William John Eason bapt 24 Dec 1842
Elizabeth Eason bapt 29 Sep 1844 Frank Eason bapt 20 Sep 1846 Emma Eason bapt 19 Oct 1850  

Presumably, the two Elizabeths and Frank did not survive infancy.  The ages for Ann Eason & Sarah Eason given on the immigration records do not match the birth dates.

Information from the Victorian BDM:

Death:   EASON Mary aged 44, died 1857, father Thomas Ashford, mother Sarah Unknown
Marriage: EASON William, born Somerset,   married Elizabeth ROBINSON (born Surrey) in 1868, Victoria.   [Note,  subsequent births list Elizabeth as
Faulkner/Fawkner/Faulkoner, and her death gives her father’s surname as Falconer.  Possibly she was previously married to a Robinson?]
Births to William Eason & Elizabeth Faulkner/Fawkner/ Faulkoner at Buninyong, Vic 
1869 Francis James Eason died 1937 married Ellen Henrietta Thomas 1892.
1894 Elsie Flor born Buninyong
1896 Beryl May born Buninyong
1900 Elizth Julia born Buninyong
1871 John Eason (died 1871, aged 4 months) 1872 Isabella Eason died 1940 married Charles Lippiatt 1892
1893 Charles Marshall b Buninyong
1895 Cyril Francis born Buninyong
1899 Bessie Rose born Buninyong, died 1904 Buninyong
1902 Jean born Buninyong
1905 Norman born Buninyong
1908 Frank born Buninyong
Death:  EASON Elizabeth aged 36, died 1872, Father John Falconer, mother Ann Unknown.  Born Surrey
Death:  EASON William aged 72, a gardener, died 5 August 1885 in Creswick, Victoria, father Joseph, a miller, and mother Isabella Eason, nee Faulkner, buried in Buninyong.   [David Poynter has the death certificate; the informant was daughter Sarah Ann McWaters of Melbourne.  The mother’s name must be a mistake, as William’s mother’s name was Elizabeth Clapp.]
Marriages of Children of William Eason & Mary Ashford: (from Victorian Records)

1856 Anna Maria Eason married William Small
1857 William born Ballarat
1859 Margt born Ballarat
1861 David Alfred born Ballarat
1864 Mary born Woods Pt (died 1864 aged 9 months)
1866 John born Woods Pt
1867 Thomas born Woods Pt
1869 Annie born Woods Pt
1889 Eliza died aged 17, Ballarat East.
1857 Sarah Ann Eason married David McWaters
1858 Charles born Ballarat
1860 Alfred David born Ballarat
1862 Annie born Buninyong
1864 Ellen died Woods Pt aged 11 w
1870 John George born “Main”
1873 Clara Gertrude born “Alex”
1878 Frank Eason born “Al Ex”
1878 Helen Burns born “Al Ex”
1880 Fred Wm born “Fitz”
1884 Eva Jane born “Fitz”
1898 Charl Seamer died aged 30 years at Fitzroy Nth,  parents David
McWaters and Sarah Ann Eason.
1868 Emma Eason, born London,  married Thomas Cassidy
1869 Mary Jane born Buninyong
1871 Elizabeth Ellen born Buninyong, died aged 27 at Seymour, husband
unknown Sexton.
1872 William John born Buninyong
1873 George Thomas born Buninyong, died 1873 aged 5 months
1875 Annie Margaret born Buninyong
1877 Ernest William born Buninyong
1879  Thomas Francis born Buninyong
1884 Frederick John born Creswick
1888 Ada Maud born Creswick
1890 Arthur Edw born Creswick
1870 William John Eason, born London, married Christina Saunders, children all born Buninyong:
1872 Annie Christina
1874 William James
1876 Thomas
1878 Janet Mary
1880 Arthur
1882 William
1887 Mysie Emma

George Eason, son of Joseph Eason & Elizabeth Clapp, younger brother of William (above) was baptised in Merriott on 25 Dec 1831.  He married Hannah Faulkner, (born
about 1829 Surrey, England) in Islington, London about December 1852.  They also emigrated to Victoria, Australia:

Assisted Immigrants arrived in Victoria, June 1855 on the Ravenscraig 
Eason, George aged 23 Eason, Hannah aged 30 Eason, Jane aged 1

Information from the Victorian Births, Deaths & Marriages:


Children of George Eason & Hannah Falconer/Falkyma/Faulkner
Jane born about 1854
Married Seth Enos Jaob Buckle in 1871
1871 Marv born Buninyong
1873 Eliz Hannah born Buninyong
Mary born 1857
Married 1874 William Boothe at Buninyong
1874 William George born Buninyong
1876 Hannah Margaret born Buninyong, died 1877,                 Scotsmarsh aged 11 months
1878 Annie Mary born Buninyong
1880 John Abraham born Buninyong
1883 Elizabeth Emma born Buninyong
1885 James Eason born Buninyong
1888 Herbert Albert born Buninyong
1890 May Gladys born Buninyong
1898 Arth Faulkner born Buninyong
Elizth born 1859, died 1882 aged 22 years
Susan born 1863, Buninyong
married 1881 James Ogilvie at Buninyong
1881 Annie born Buninyong
1884 George born Buninyong
1887 Charles born Buninyong
1892 Royal born “Fton”
George born 1865 Buninyong
married 1889 Mary Williams at Scotts Marsh.
1890 Bessie born Buninyong
1892 Geo Lloyd born Buninyong
1893 Owen William born Buninyong, died in WW1, 29 August 1916, aged 23, in
France. [Courtesy of Wendy Lambert, 2009]
1900 Roberts Redvers born Buninyong
John Joseph born 1868, Buninyong
married 1894 Eva Hancox at Scotsburn
1895 Jno Faulkner born Colac
1897 Eva Elizth born Colac, died aged 5 in 1902 at “Lang Lang”
1898 Dean Fred George born Buninyong
1906 Bessie Hancox born Buninyong
Death 1901 Hannah Eason, father Jeremiah Faulkner, mother unknown.  Died Buninyong aged 74
Death 1900 Geo Eason, father Jos Eason, mother Elizth Clapp, died Buninyong aged 68