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The Family of Francis Warry (bapt 1812) to Hinton St George & later to New South Wales, Australia

FRANCIS WARRY (bapt 1812) & his two FAMILIES

Information in this section comes from Pat McGufficke, from the New South Wales registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages, and the NSW records website – Index to Assisted Immigrants to NSW 1844-59.

Francis WARRY, baptised in Merriott in 1812, son of Richard & Ann Warry, married Louisa Edmonds in Hinton St George, Somerset, in 1834.  The couple had seven children:  1835 Selina, 1837 Ann (died 1846); 1839 Sarah; 1841 Joseph Edmonds; 1841 Grace (died 1842); 1844 Grace & 1846 Francis.

In 1846 Louisa died, and for a period Louisa’s mother (Elizabeth Champion, formerly Edmonds, nee Holland) lived with the family – she is listed in the 1851 census.    A few years later Francis married a second time, to an Ann HORWOOD. [Thanks to Judy Wiles, formerly Rogers, for this information].   They had two girls:  1853 Ann; 1855 Alma.  The family emigrated to New South Wales in 1855, on board the “Kate”.    The Index to Assisted Immigrants to NSW shows the family:
WARRY:  Francis 44, Anne 32 , Sarah 16, Joseph 14, Grace 11, Francis 9, Ann 2, Alma, infant.

Francis & Ann had further children in New South Wales:

1857 Harriett; 1859 Richard Henry; 1861 Ellen L; 1863 Albert.

Francis was a blacksmith at Emu Plains, New South Wales.   He was named as a “relative in the colony” in the immigration list for the arrival of Thomas Pattemore in Sydney in 1857.  Thomas was his nephew; son of his older sister Harriett & her husband Edward Pattemore (also Merriott residents).

The following table shows Francis’s children & their spouses & children, where known. 

NAME/Birth year SPOUSE/Marriage Date CHILDREN (birth years) OTHER INFO
Sarah WARRY /1839 Matthew Macgowan /1857/ New South Wales 1858 Selina
1862 Louisa M.
1868 Matthew
1868 Francis O. P.
1871 Edward Charles (died 1872)
1873 Edward Albert (died 1874)
1875 Edward Pattimore
Joseph Edmonds WARRY/ 1841 Sarah Ann Whitfield/ 1867/ New South Wales 1868 Louisa H
1870 Francis E (died 1872)
1873 Albert Edmunds
1875 Charles F P
1878 Dorcas
Grace WARRY / 1844 George W Last/ 1867 / New South Wales    
Francis WARRY /1846 NIL   Died 1921, New South Wales, Australia
Ann WARRY/abt 1853 John Campbell/ 1884 / New South Wales 1885 Malcolm
1888 Mary D
1892 Cyril C
Alma WARRY /abt 1855 NIL   Died 1935, New South Wales, Australia
Harriett WARRY/ 1857 NIL   Died 1929, New South Wales, Australia
Richard Henry WARRY/ 1859 Isabella Jane Mitchell /1885 / New South Wales 1886 Walter H
1888 Richard Henry
1890 Leslie A (died 1894)
1890 Ruby M
1893 Francis L
1895 Eva M
1895 Hilda M
1896 Reginald M
1898 Herbert J
Richard died 1938, New South Wales, Australia.
Ruby M Warry married William H E Groves, Paddington, NSW in 1917.
Ellen L WARRY/ 1861 William Campbell/ 1888/ New South Wales 1889 Linda May
1891 William
1892 Grace V
1895 Elsie A
1901 Frederick
1903 Jessie
Albert WARRY/ 1863 Martha Rumble/ 1886/ New South Wales 1886 Cecil H
1888 Stanley H
1890 Albert K
Albert died 1944, New South Wales, Australia


Mike Warry has sent the following
photograph of Francis & his first wife, and the testimonial reproduced below.  Thanks for these, Mike (March 2004)


The Testimonial from the people of Hinton St George, on the  departure of Francis and his family to Australia.

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