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My main interests in the above familles are as follows.

  • FRANCIS WARRY – Born May 1812 the son of Richard Warry and Ann Daw. In December 1834 Francis married LOUISA EDMONDS the eldest daughter of ELIZABETH HOLLAND and ROBERT EDMONDS. Francis and Louisa had six children before Louisa died in September 1846 at Hinton St.George. Francis later remarried and along with his family emigrated to Australia.
  • ELIZABETH HOLLAND – Born 1791 Hinton St. George, second daughter of Robert Holland and Hannah Austin. Elizabeth first married Robert Edmonds and had two children, then in March 1829 she married DAVID CHAMPION and had two more children Mary Ann and George Edmond Champion. George who was the half brother of Louisa Warry nee Edmonds also emigrated to Australia.
  • HANNAH HOLLAND – Born 1783 Hinton St. George, eldest daughter of Robert Holland and Hannah Austin. Hannah married ROBERT ROWSELL in October 1804 and had 12 children
  • HESTER HOLLAND – Born 1801 Hinton St. George, youngest daughter of Robert Holland and Hannah Austin. Hester (Esther) married CHARLES WARRY in November 1830 at Crewkerne. Charles born May 1802 at Merriott was the son of Robert Warry and Elizabeth Hann. They had 11 children most of whom were born in either Clapton or Crewkerne.
  • ANNA ROWSELL – Born 1811 Merriott married RICHARD WARRY born September 1804 Merriott. They were married at Merriott and had 9 children all born in Merriott.

A great deal of information on the above families has come from various Somerset Census and also Birth, Deaths & Marriages records both in Somerset and Australia. I am still finding members of the abovementioned families who did not stay in Merriott but moved to other places within Somerset. I am yet to find any details on the family of Robert Edmonds.

Judy can be contacted at:   jrog@iprimus.com.au

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