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Crewkerne and the Ham Stone Villages – In Old Photographs 

ISBN 0 – 7509-0360-0       Alan Sutton Publishing, Phoenix Mill – Stroud  Gloucestershire 1993.

This book, edited by Gerald Gosling & Frank Huddy, is a gem. Unfortunately it seems to be out of print. You may be lucky and find a second hand copy on Amazon or elsewhere.  The book is divided into chapters – two about Crewkerne, one on Shepton and Petherton, one on Martock, Stoke and Norton, one on Misterton and  Haselbury, and last, but not least, a chapter on Merriott.

The Merriott chapter contains 28 interesting old photos of people & places.  Well worth  looking for at your local library.

The Victoria County History – Somerset Volume IV

ISBN 0 19 72247 3  Oxford University Press © University of London 1978

**Now available online at 

This is a book for serious history people, in my opinion.  The 10 page section on Merriott I found pretty heavy going, but interesting none the less.  The current Australian cost is about $200, so well worth looking at online!

Other places covered in this Volume IV are:
Crewkerne Hundred – Crewkerne, Hinton St George, Misterton and Wayford.
Martock Hundred – Martock
South Petherton Hundred – Barrington, Chaffcombe, Chillington, Cricket St. Thomas, Cudworth, Dinnington, Dowlish Wake, Knowle St Giles, Lopen, South Petherton, Seavington St Mary, Seavington St Michael, Shepton Beauchamp, Wambrook & Whitestaunton.

The Monmouth Rebels 1685


SOMERSET RECORD SOCIETY C/O Local History Library, Taunton Castle, Taunton, Somerset 1985 ISBN 0 901732 27 3
Produced for the Society by Alan Sutton Publishing Limited, Gloucester. Printed in Great Britain.

This is a good book to read if you find one of your ancestors was involved in the Monmouth Rebellion.   The book includes information about the rebellion itself, the general pardon, the purchasers of the Rebels in Barbados, and an index of rebels by surname and  by place of origin.   I was extremely surprised to find this book on the shelf of my local library here
in Queensland.   I wonder if I am the only person who has ever borrowed it!

For more information about the Merriott Monmouth Rebels, see The Monmouth Rebellion

Flax and Linen

ISBN 0-85263-727-6     By Patricia Baines.  Shire Publications Ltd, Buckinghamshire 1985

A concise guide to the story of Flax and Linen and the processes involved.    Although there is no specific mention of the Merriott part of the industry, it gives a good overall view of the topic.

A History of Somerset

ISBN 0 85033 461 6   By Robert Dunning.

Phillimore & Co Ltd, Shopwyke Hall, Chichester, Sussex 1983.

A 128 page book with a general history of Somerset from the earliest times.  Merriott is mentioned twice; once in relation to its fertile soil (see Farms) , and once in relation to the annual outing taken by the people of Merriott.  Crewkerne gets a few more mentions.

A Companion to Local History Research

ISBN 0 7136 3145 7  By John Campbell-Kease. Published by Alphabooks A & C Black, London 1989

The Domesday Book – England’s Heritage, Then & Now

ISBN 1- 85833 – 440 – 3.   Published by Coombe Books. Ed: Thomas Hinde 1996

Family Tree Magazine

ISSN 0267-1131   Published by ABM Publishing Ltd A British Genealogical Publication produced monthly.

Family History Monthly

Published by Diamond Publishing Group, 45 St Mary’s Road, Ealing, London W5 5RQ

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