Merriott Marriages 1900 to 1924

Merriott Marriages 1900 to 1924 

An experimental page:  I’ve inserted below my transcription of Merriott Marriages 1900 – 1924 as an Excel Spreadsheet.  

To find what you are looking for, you have a choice of:

  • Scrolling down  – unfortunately each line runs over two pages 
  • Clicking on the arrow at the top of the box to show the information in full screen – this also runs over 2 page widths, but when I viewed it, I was given the option to open it in “Google Docs” which allowed the data on each line to be shown on a single screen.
  • Saving the whole file (the link is at the base of the box) and reopening it in Excel.    I am not sure if it will open in other programs – glad to hear your comments on this: 

Note that each event is found on two lines – for each party of the marriage.