Vicars of All Saints

Vicars and Incumbants of All Saints Church Merriott

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VICAR – incumbent in receipt of small tithes only.

RECTOR- Incumbent who received all or part of the great tithes, that is one tenth of all crops grown in the parish; also sometimes received small tithes.

For instance, Merriott had a Vicar, while nearby Hinton St George had a Rector.  Barb Dembinski has taken a photo of the list of Vicars on the wall inside the All Saints Church. [Thanks Barb!!]  Here is the transcription and picture:

** Note:  Correspondent Nick Crabb was at school in Merriott in the late seventies and suggests John King must have become Vicar in 1978 or maybe even 1977.  Can anyone verify a correct date?  Thanks.

The following details are taken from the Parish Registers.  

Jan 1813- May 1822 Joseph H Price  Vicar
1822- 1826; once in 1827 Thomas  Price Vicar
Sept 1832 – Jan 1855 Joseph Cross Usually wrote date of birth/death in margin of baptismal/ burial entries. Himself buried 4 Aug 1855 at All Saints [PC Pratt, Off. Min]
Feb 1856 -Oct 1877 J. Higgon-Evans Vicar.  Born in South Wales.
Oct 1883-Jun 1887 Donald Mackam Claxton Vicar.  Buried at All Saints on 18 Aug 1887 aged 45.
Dec 1887- Apr 1836 Stanley Edward Percival Vicar.  Died 2 Feb 1947 at Woking;  buried at All
Saints, Merriott on 8 Feb 1947.
Oct 1936- Apr 1947 William H Elwin Vicar. 
Oct 1847 –  William F W Aux Vicar.

Vicars mentioned in the Merriott censuses:

Somerset; Y= Born Somerset))
1841 28 Vicarage House  Cross Joseph 45 Clergyman Y
Cross Ann 40 N
Boycell? Mary 25 F Female Servant N
Hadley Charles 35 M Ind N
1851 343 105 Higher St Cross Joseph Head M 57 M Vicar of Merriott Som, Bristol
Caroline M Wife M 37 F Wife of Vicar Som, Fivehead
Francis R Son 3 M Som, Merriott
Joseph I Son 2 M Som, Merriott
Unnamed Son under 1 mo M Som, Merriott
1861 57 112 Vicarage Church Evans James Higgon Head U 38 M Vicar of Merriott South Wales
Driver Jessie Serv U 45 F House Servant Scotland
White George Serv M 48 M Gardener Dorsetshire, Forster?
Collard Priscilla Serv U 15 F Servant Som, East Chinnock
1871 5 1 Vicarage House Evans James Higgon Head U 48 M Vicar of Merriott Pembrokeshire, Ambleston
White George Serv M 60 M Groom and Gardener Dorset, Forston
Ford Henrietta Serv U 22 F General Servant Wilts, Bridford
Richards James Visitor U 14 M Pupil Teacher Som, Pethminster?
1891 29 156 192 The Vicarage Percival Stanley E Head S 36 Vicar Of Merriott S. Mims?, Herts
Oxborrow Amelia S 60 Domestic Servant Stonham Aspal, Suffolk

Fill-in Ministers for short, not necessarily continuous periods between the dates mentioned:

DATES NAME Signed Himself as….
Jun 1813 Henry Stanbury Officiating Minister
Mar 1813 –  Jan 1838 W. T. Price Curate or Minister
Aug 1827- Feb 1831  W G Roach Officiating Minister
May 1831- Apr 1834  Jas. Ayres Officiating Minister
Jun 1831- Nov 1834  R.A. (Robt. or Richd?) Templeman Officiating Minister
May 1832-May 1867 Alex. Templeman Officiating Minister
Dec 1833 F. Jekyll Officiating Minister
Feb 1834- Jan 1836 Charles Tucker Officiating Minister/ Curate
Jan 1835-  Jun 1837 Richard Beadon Officiating Minister
Oct 1835 Peter Cornwall Officiating Minister
Mar 1836- May 1855 Wm. S. Hadley Officiating Minister
Jun 1836- Nov 1836 Richard A’Court Officiating Minister
Nov 1836 Wm Beadon Officiating Minister
Aug 1837- Jul 1843 Geo. Hadley Officiating Minister
Jan 1838- Jun 1845 R. Lowe Officiating Minister
Apr-May 1840 W.H.  Braund Officiating Minister
Apr 1842 -May 1870 Charles Penny Officiating Minister/ Rector of Chaffcombe on 1870 entry
Oct 1842 G B Garcon Officiating Minister
Jul 1843 Richard  Cox Officiating Minister
Oct 1843 Henry Guy Officiating Minister
Sep 1845 J. B. B. Clark Officiating Minister
Jan 1846 George Swaine Swansborough, Off. Minister
Nov 1846 Francis Hannan
Aug 1849 to Jul 1857 Thomas Newbery Rector of Hinton St George
Jun- Sep 1854 R. J. Lambert
Dec 1854-Jun 1856 E. W. Stubbs Officiating Minister
Feb-Apr 1855 Thomas W. S.  Langdon Officiating Minister
Nov1854 -Nov 1855 PC Pratt Curate/ Officiating Minister
Sep 1853 – Jul 1857 Chas Wm Hodson  Incumbent of Lopen
Jun 1856 John Stroud Officiating Minister
Jul 1856 F. Harrison Officiating Minister
Oct 1856-Nov 1856 John M H Whish
Mar 1838- Jun 1873 Henry Bond Vicar Sth Petherton, Officiating Minister
Aug 1857 C Henry DD Officiating Minister
Aug 1857 Alex. Ramsay  P. C. of Crewkerne
Feb 1857-May 1861 J. M. Cox Officiating Minister
Jan 1859- Aug 1865 Frederick Davies Rector of Hinton St George 
Jul 1855-Apr 1866 J. S. Stubbs Officiating Minister
May 1863 – Jul 1866 Wm. S. Langdon Officiating Minister
Nov 1866-Oct 1868 William B Dalby Officiating Minister
May 1867 A Stocks Curate Shepton Beauchamp
Jun 1868- May 1869 Henry Hilyar Officiating Minister
Nov 1868-May 1869 HD Soulby Officiating Minister
Jun 1871 GS Blomfield Rector of Norton, OM
Jan 1871- Aug 1880 James R Dolling Officiating Minister
Sep 1874 JEG Farmer  Curate of Haselbury
Dec 1877-Jul 1879 T. K. Eaton Curate in Charge
May 1879- Oct 1883 Thomas Hodson Curate-in-charge
Oct 1877 – Jul 1882 RT Willis Vicar of Chillington (1877 & 1880)
Vicar of Chiselborough (1882)
Mar 1883 ES Edwards Officiating Minister
Mar 1883- May 1890 RP Billing Vicar of Lopen
Aug 1887 Wm Savage Vicar & Prior Of Burcombe….
Jan 1892 WH Dixon Curate of Crewkerne
Jun-Nov 1892 E. Taylor Officiating Minister
Feb 1895 – Aug 1906 Robert Dolling Curate/Rector  of Hinton St George
Jul 1896 WR Lloyd Vicar of Crewkerne
Aug 1897-Sep 1897 Edward W Whitley C of W Chinnock & Chiselborough
Aug 1897 Edward Ewing? Rector of Wayford