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Internet Sites of Interest A great locally hosted website about current-day Merriott GENUKI stands for Genealogy for the United Kingdom & Ireland. If you’ve never tried this site before, the home page is a good place to start.   When you are ready, you can follow the links to the Merriott page, by going through UK & Ireland, clicking on a region & going to the Somerset pages.  Or skip all those steps and go straight to the Merriott page at:
Details of information available, holdings of the Somerset Record Office, and maps of the area.

Check out the  Somerset Archives site to see what sort of information is available.   Hopefully soon they’ll have my Merriott Parish register transcripts up for searching!   An interesting database available for searching is the Ilchester Gaol Registers.  There are a few Merriott folk listed here. There is also a searchable index of resources – although you then need to visit the Somerset Archives to view the material.
There is what seems to be a large collection of material referring to the name WARRY.
The South Somerset District Council Page:
Search “Merriott” and then click on the links which interest you.
The National Archives
For general information about Public records in the UK.
Gives meanings for some archaic occupations.
The LDS Family Search Site: Search the IGI and other records from the comfort of your home computer.
The Queensland Births Deaths & Marriages Index
Family history research
Search for births, deaths and marriages among the
released indexes. 
The Queensland State Archives, including immigration indexes: Search for immigration from the earliest times intoMoreton Bay and later Queensland.
The New South Wales (Australia) Births, Deaths &
Marriages Index:
Search for births, deaths and marriages among the released indexes. 

The New South Wales (Australia) Searchable Indexes of Immigration

A wonderful Public Service by the NSW Government. Search for your immigrant during the time period 1848 to 1899, amongst other indexes. If only more governments took this initiative!
The Victoria (Australia) Births, Deaths & Marriages Indexes:
Victorian BDM indexes.  
The Victoria (Australia) Searchable immigration records:
Victorian Immigration indexes.
Cyndi’s List: A categorized & cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet.

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