The Warry Family of Merriott

Note:  Stephen Berry is happy to field questions about the Warrys: email Stephen at:  stephen.berry@tesco.net  Stephen can email the Journal of Warry Family History to interested persons.
Stephen has said:

“Onesiphorus Warry, by the way, descended from the West Coker branch of the family; a branch which I have every reason to believe had its last common ancestor with the rest of the family dying in 1597. So he is related to the other Warry family members, but exceedingly distantly!”

Earliest Mention in the Merriott Records

Two marriages announced the arrival of WARRYs in Merriott, late in the 18th century:

28 May 1793 Richard Warry m Ann Daw
24 December  1793 Robert Warry m Elizabeth Ham or Hann

Richard & Robert were brothers, possibly twins, both baptised on 10 December 1768 in Cricketmalherbie, sons of Robert Warry & Grace Pope.  Richard was a farmer, and Robert was engaged in the occupation which the Warrys are well known – blacksmithing.

Estate Duty Wills at the Somerset Record Office

From the Somerset Record Office Website:

WARRY Grace 1914 Cricket Malherbie [probably nee Grace Pope, mother of Robert & Richard]
WARRY Robert 1819 Broadway [not sure who this is]
WARRY Richard 1843 Hinton St George [ most likely Richard mentioned below ]

A pedigree can be found on the Family Search site :  https://familysearch.org   but much of the pre- 1768 information is unverified.

Thus the two first families to baptise children in Merriott were:

Richard (a Farmer)  & Ann (nee Daw) Warry 30 August 1795 Richard
1 April 1798 Frederick
6 April 1800 Harriett
22 May 1803 Grace
26 May 1805 Sarah
27 December 1807 Ann
9 May 1812 Francis [moved to Hinton St George and later Australia]
27 May 1816 Simon
Robert (a Blacksmith) & Elizabeth (nee
Ham or Hann) Warry
21 September 1794 Mary
9 March 1796 Robert
22 October 1797 George
6 April 1800 Eliel
1 June 1802 Charles
17 May 1807 Richard
17 May 1807 John
15 May 1809 Ann
13 September 1811 Elizabeth
25 December 1813 Jesse

Robert was noted as being a pauper at the time of the baptism of Mary in 1794.

There were two burials in this early period, which may or may not have been children of the above marriages:

Burial 22 August 1794 Susanna Warry
Burial 10 March 1797 Richard Warry

Francis Warry, son of Richard & Ann, moved to Hinton St George, and later emigrated to Australia.

George Warry, son of Robert & Elizabeth, moved to East Coker.  His first wife was Hannah Bartlett Masters; they had three children – George, born about 1831; Samuel born about 1838, and John born about 1839.   He appears in the 1851 census for East Coker as a Millwright.    In 1849 (30th September) George, a
widower, married a widow, Mary Withey, nee Langdon. At this time his occupation was noted as a Carpenter.

UPDATE (Feb 2004):  Contact from Mike Warry, of Queensland, Australia was received regarding another son of George & Hannah – John, born 22 January
1839 at Stoford, Somerset.   John emigrated to Queensland in 1858 on the same vessel as Samuel Osborne of Merriott and his family – the Alfred. Read more about this family on this page.

WARRYs in Merriott in the 19th Century

MARRIAGES pre 1837 (less detail)

27 December 1819 Robert Warry m Hannah England
30 November 1824 Eliel Warry m Hannah Rousell
6 October 1825 Onesiphorus Warry m Thirza Patch
14 May 1829 Frederic Warry (Hinton St George) m Mary Dancey
7 September 1833 Richard Warry m Anna Rousell –
Family headstone Here.
2 March 1813 Mary Warry m John Wills
14 May 1829 Harriet Warry m Edward Pattemore
10 November 1831 Ann Warry m Thomas Mitchell
22 September 1836 Ann Warry m William Rousell

MARRIAGES post 1837 (extra detail)












Father’s Occ






Elizabeth Warry




Sherrimore Hill

Farm gardener

Reginald Stone

Farm Gardener

Heather? Warry





Richard Stone




Higher St

Mantua maker

Robert Warry


Jesse Warry





John Warry




Lower St

Glove sewer

Richard Osborne


Eliza England





Mary Osborne




Lower St

Factory fireman

John Warry


John Osborne





Eliza Warry






Samuel Osborne


William Mitchell





William Osborne





Richard Warry


Louisa Mitchell

Of these, Robert & Hannah Warry moved to Barrington, Somerset, where Robert worked as a Blacksmith.  Five children are noted on the 1841 census:  Elizabeth (b abt 1821), Robert (b about 1826), Harriett (b about 1831), Eliel (b about 1833), and Mary Ann (b about 1836).  Robert & Hannah and their three youngest children are
noted on the 1851 census for Barrington. 

Eliel & Hannah Warry moved to Mosterton, Dorset, where Eliel worked as a Blacksmith.  The family is noted at Mosterton for the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses. In the 1881 census Eliel appears in Yeovil, but was buried in Mosterton in 1884.

Onesiphorus Warry was born in Haselbury, according to census information.  Whether he was somehow related to the Merriott Warrys is not known. Onesiphorus married Thurza Patch in Merriott on 6th October 1825.

Frederic & Mary Warry were not mentioned in Merriott records after their marriage.   NOTE:  The family can be found in Jersey, Channel Islands by the time of the 1841 and 1851 censuses.   By 1861 Frederic(k) is back in Merriott as a widower, living with Robert & Jane Trask.

Richard & Anna/Hannah Warry remained in Merriott.  Richard worked as a Blacksmith, and was later a Dairyman/Farmer and landholder (mentioned in the 1892 Electoral Roll as owning Freehold land at Brimsmoor).   Richard died in 1899 aged 94 years, and was buried at All Saints, Merriott.   Hannah died in 1884 aged 73 years and is also buried at All Saints.

John Warry, born Chard, Somerset, son of John Warry, a shoemaker, was not mentioned in the Merriott records prior to his marriage in 1853 to local girl Mary Osborne.  John worked in various positions at the Sail Cloth Factory.  John & Mary appear on the 1891 census for Merriott, but I don’t have any burial data for them.

BAPTISMS 1801 to early 1876

Eliel (a Blacksmith) & Hannah (nee Rousell) Warry 20 January 1833 Ann
28 June 1835 Sarah
16 May 1825 George
1 June 1828 Henry
29 August 1830 Robert
Richard (a Blacksmith) & Hannah/Anna (nee Rousell) Warry 12 January 1834 Sarah
9 August 1835 Eliza
11 March 1838 Robert Rousell
24 February 1840 Sarah Ann
3 July 1842 Elizabeth
5 May 1844 Benjamin
20 January 1846 Catharine
21 March 1847 Samuel
3 October 1852 Ann
Onesiphorus (a Twine Manufacturer) & Thirza (nee Patch) Warry 14 March 1840 William  
Simon (a Blacksmith) & Maria (nee Warren, of Bridgwater, Somerset) Warry 1 January 1843 Frederick Note: Simon worked as a Blacksmith at
Hinton St George.  Four other children were born at Hinton St George.
John (a Factory Fireman/ Engine Driver/ Warper of Sail Cloth) & Mary (nee Osborne) Warry 5 November 1854 Elizabeth
16 June 1855 George
13 December 1857 Ann
22 September 1862 Louisa
10 July 1864 Ann
11 August 1867 Thomas

Note: Somerset Record Office has Photographic Albums with occasional notes and negatives of Eliel & Anna Warry of Merriott and Mosterton and one volume of their offspring, 19th & 20th Centuries. Accession No:  S/1740; G/1764 Catalogue Mark: DD/WRY. Other Warry families from places such as Stoke sub Hamdon are also included.



14 December 1816 Charles Warry 67
5 June 1874 Jesse Warry 60
19 December 1868 Onesiphorus Warry 69
27 May 1843 Richard Warry 74
2 May 1899 Richard Warry 94  (Photo of Headstone below)
9 August 1858 Robert Warry 89
13 March 1851 Ann Warry 80
16 July 1884 Anna Warry 73  (Photo of Headstone below)
27 January 1846 Catharine Warry 6 w (see Photo)
8 February 1858 Elizabeth Warry 82
25 January 1863 Louisa Warry 1
9 October 1834 Sarah Warry 1 (See Photo)
26 June 1838 Sarah Warry 34
17 November 1842 Sarah Ann Warry 3 (See Photo)
31 July 1884 Thirza Warry 81
















Photo of Anna & Richard Warry & their Childrens’
Headstone, courtesy of Adrian Wills.

CENSUSES (Excluding 1881)

The surname WARRY accounted for about 1% of the population of Merriott at the time of the censuses, ranking 18th most common surname.

1841 5 Called the Knob Warry Richard 35 Smith Y
Warry Anna 30 Y
Warry Eliza 6 Y
Warry Robert 3 Y
Warry Sarah 1 Y
1841 5 Called the Knob  Warry Onesiphorus 40 Twine Manufacturer Y
Warry Thirza 35 Shop Keeper Y
Warry Elizabeth 10 Y
Warry Ellen 5 Y
Warry William 1 Y
1841 12 Templeman’s Lane  Templeman John 39 M Solicitor Y
Templeman Prudence 73 F Ind Y
Warry Ann 55 F Female Servant Y
Cox Emma 30 F Female Servant N
Cave? Charles 29 M Male Servant N
1841 28 Higher Street Bailey Hannah 45 F Y Warry? Mary 20 F Y
1841 28 Higher Street Warry Robt. 70 Blacksmith Y
Warry Elizabeth 65 Y
Warry Elizabeth 30 Y
Warry Jesse 25 Blacksmith Y
1841 46 Broadway Warry William 30 Ind Y
Warry Sarah 35 Y
Warry Henry? 1 Y
1851  315 026 Lower Street Warry Richard Head M 47 Blacksmith/ Dairyman Som, Merriott
Warry Anna Wife M 39 Wife Som, Merriott
Warry Eliza Dau U 15 Scholar Som, Merriott
Warry Robert Son U 13 Scholar Som, Merriott
Warry Elizabeth Dau U 9 Scholar Som, Merriott
Warry Benjamin Son U 7 Som, Merriott
Warry Samuel Son U 4 Som, Merriott
1851 313 010  Lower Street Warry Onisephorus Head M 50 Ropemaker Som,
Warry Thyrza Wife M 47 Wife Som, Merriott
Warry Elizabeth Dau U 19 Som, Haselbury
Warry Ellen Dau U 16 Som, Haselbury
Warry William Son U 11 Som, Merriott
1851 330 008 Higher Street  Warry Robert Head M 81 Blacksmith Som, North Cricket?
Warry Elizabeth Wife M 75 Dorset, Bridport
Warry Jesse Son U 37 Blacksmith Som, Merriott
1851 NOT MERRIOTT Barrington, Somerset WARRY, Robert 55 Blacksmith, born Merriott
WARRY, Hannah 54, born Merriott
WARRY, Harriet 20, Dressmaker, born Barrington, Somerset
WARRY, Elile 17, Son, born Barrington, Somerset
WARRY, Mary, 15, Daughter, Glover, born Barrington, Somerset
1861 36 100 Lower Street Warry Onesipherus Head M 60 Twine Manufacturer Som, Haselbury
Warry Thirza Wife M 56 Som, Merriott
Warry Ellen Dau U 25 School mistress Som, Haselbury
Warry William Son U 21 Som, Merriott
1861  39 123 Lower Street Warry John Head M 32 Warper of Sail Cloth Som, Chard
Warry Mary Wife M 32 Glover Som, Merriott
Warry Samuel Son U 11 Som, Merriott
Warry Mary E Dau U 7 Som, Merriott
Warry George Son U 5 Som, Merriott
Warry Richard Son U 9 m Som, Lopen
Osborne Richard Boarder U 35 M Ag. Lab, [brother of Mary] Som, Merriott
1861 43 158 Lower Street Warry Richard Head M 56 Blacksmith  Merriott
Warry Anna Wife M 49 Som, Merriott
Warry Eliza Dau U 25 Dressmaker Som, Merriott
Warry Robert R Son U 23 Shepherd Som, Merriott
Warry Betsy Dau U 17 Scholar Som, Merriott
Warry Benjamin Son U 16 Scholar  Merriott
Warry Samuel Son U 14 Scholar Som, Merriott
Warry Ann Dau U 8 Scholar Som, Merriott
1861 49 025  High Street Trask Robert Head M 26 M Ag. Laborer  Merriott
Trask Jane Wife M 23 F Ag. Laborer Som, Merriott
Trask Samuel Son U 3 M Scholar Som, Merriott
Trask Mary Dau U 1 F Som, Merriott
Warry (first name illegible)  Widower W 63 M Ag. Laborer Som, Merriott
1871 12 075 Bow Mills Warry Henry Serv U 13 Servant Boy Dorset, Mosterton
1871 24 014 Hinton St.George Warry Frederick Head M 28 Blacksmith  Merriott
Warry Susan Wife M 30 Som, Misterton
Warry Anne Dau U 1 Som, Hinton St. George
Warry Laura Dau U 1m Som, Hinton St. George
1871 29 079 Hinton St.George Warry Simon Head M 57 Blacksmith Som, Merriott
Warry Maria Wife M 57 Som, Bridgwater
Warry Benjamin Son U 20 Shepherd Som, Hinton St. George
1871 45 098 Crewkerne  Warry Charles Head M 68 Blacksmith Som, Merriott
Warry Hesther Wife M 69 Wife Som, Hinton St. George
Warry Frank Grandson U 13 Blacksmith Apprentice Som, Wayford
1871 61 011 Lower Street Warry Richard Head M 63 Blacksmith  Merriott
Warry Anna Wife M 59 Som, Merriott
Warry Robert Son U 33 Gardener Som, Merriott
Warry Elizabeth Dau U 28 Milliner Som, Merriott
Warry Benjamin Son U 27 Butcher Som, Merriott
Warry Samuel Son U 24 Butcher Som, Merriott
Warry Ann Dau U 18 Maidservant Som, Merriott
1871 61 017 Lower Street Wills Mary Head W 76 F Kneedlewoman  Merriott Warry Jessie Brother U 56 Blacksmith  Merriott
1871 65 051 Lower Street Warry Francis Head M 40 Blacksmith Som, Hinton St. George
Warry William Walter Son U 12 Ploughboy Dorset, Broadwinsor
Warry Samuel Charles Son U 8 Ag. Labourer Dorset, Broadwinsor
Warry Thomas Son U 6 Scholar Dorset, Broadwinsor
Warry Daniel Robert Son U 4 Scholar Dorset, Stocklinch
1871 66 058 Lower Street, P.O. Warry Thirza Head W 67 Post Mistress  Merriott
Warry Ellen Dau U 35 Post Mistress Som, Haselbury
Warry William Son U 31 Twine Manufacturer  Merriott
Shutler Susan Niece U 6 F Visitor Dorset, Drimpton
1891 12 147 075 Lower Street Warry Richard Head W 86 Farmer Merriott
Warry Robert Son S 51 Farmer Merriott
Warry Ann Dau S 37 Housekeeper Merriott
Warry George Grandson S 18 Assistant on Farm Merriott
Wills Arthur Grandson S 12 Scholar Merriott
1891 21 38 145 Middle Path, Crewkerne Warry John Head M 63 Flax Warper Chard, Somerset
Warry Mary Wife M 63 Merriott
Warry William Son S 19 Sail Cloth Weaver Canvas  Crewkerne, Somerset
Warry John Son S 12 Errand Boy  Crewkerne, Somerset
Burridge Alice B Granddau 8 Scholar Crewkerne, Somerset
Deacon? George S G Son 2 Crewkerne, Somerset
1891 20 119 113 Cottage, Hinton St George Warry Frederick Head M 48 Blacksmith  Merriott
Warry Emily Wife M 29 Monmouthshire
Warry Laura Dau S 18 Hinton St George, Som
Warry Francis Son S 15 Blacksmith
Hinton St George
Warry Flora Dau S 15 Scholar Hinton St George
1891 11 147 069 Post Office Warry William Head S 48 Twine Manufacturer Merriott
Warry Ellen Sister S 50 Som, Haselbury
1901 15 62 116 Rectory Farm Warry Robert Rousell Head S 62 Farmer Merriott
Warry Ann S Sister S 48 House Keeper  Merriott
Warry Elizabeth Ann Niece S 25 Assistant  Chiselborough, Somerset
Wills Arthur Robert Nephew S 22 Farm Assistant  Crewkerne
1901 20 64 141 Post Office, Lower Street Warry William Head S 59 Twine & Rope Manufacturer  Merriott
Warry Ellen Sister S 61 Merriott

1911 Census:

RefNo of RoomsAbodePersons
148Rectory HouseWARRY Robert R Head 73 S Small holder on own account At Home born Merriott  
GUY Emma Relative 48 W Dressmaker on own account At Home born Merriott
WILLS Elizabeth Apartments 68 W Hearth Rug Maker on own account At Home born Merriott
WILLS Violet Visitor 1 born Merriott
246Knapp HouseWARRY William Head 69 M Retired Rope & Twine Manufacturer born Merriott
WARRY Anne Wife 48 Married under 1 year, no children, born Bow MIDDLESEX
2759BroadwayWARRY Benjamin Head 60 M Grocer, Draper & Dealer on Own Account At Home born Hinton St George SOM
WARRY Mary Anna Wife 52 Married 27 years 3 children born alive 3 still living; Assisting in the Business born Hinton St George SOM
WARRY Grace Edith Dau 26 S born Hinton St George SOM
WARRY Rhesa Gilbert Son 21 S Clerk Solicitors; born Hinton St George SOM
WARRY Leonard Benjamin Son 19 S Assistant Grocer Shop; born Hinton St George SOM
253516 Vivian Road, Newport MONMOUTHSHIRE

WARRY Benjamin Head 68 M Night Watchman at Works, Worker born Merriott
WARRY Lucy Wife 59 Married 45 years [actually 40 years] 17 children born alive 11 still living; born Mosterton DORSET
WARRY Lilly Dau 19 S General Domestic Outworker born Newport MONMOUTHSHIRE
WARRY Fredrick Son 18 S Butcher at J Duckham, Worker born Newport MONMOUTHSHIRE

WARRYs in Merriott in the 20th Century

There were no marriages recorded at All Saints Church 1901 – 1924; and only five burials 1901 – 1924.
For more information, please email sue@merriottfamiliesgenealogy.net 

WARRY Information at the Somerset Record Office

Listed under Accession Number:  S/1740; G/1764 Catalogue Mark: DD/WRY are Warry and associated families records.  This is a summary of information available on the Somerset Archive & Record Service Website.  http://www1.somerset.gov.uk/archives/

1. Photographic albums with occasional notes and negatives.  (Including Eliel & Hannah Warry’s family)

2. Index of Warry Family Society Members.

3. Family Bibles – Frederick & Mary Maria Warry; Mary Maria Gingell (1867 – 1924)

4. 8 mm cine film and tapes of Sherborne Fair and Mere Carnival – features also local family members and some ‘travelling folk’

5. Letters, papers and sundry parish notes referring to Warry & associated families in Somerset & Dorset

6. Minute book of Warry Family Society 1981.

7. Gingell family tree 1640 – 1971

8. M. Warry, Warry Family detailing English & Australian family links

9. Alphabetical file of papers and correspondence relating to Warry, Gingell, Daubeney etc families c 1970 – 1985.

10.Correspondence concerning the Warry arms, including transcripts of Warry family wills, 16th & 17th century.

11.Correspondence and papers concerning Warry family genealogy including wills going back to 1582.

12. Photographs of Philip Brown of Newbury, Berks, lute maker 

13. Coachman’s livery button used by Warry family at Shapwick House, c 1880.

14. Copies of Warries Downunder – the Journal of the Warry Family Society 1986 – 88

15. Photographs of arms and armorial seals of the Warry and related family.

16. Photographs from portraits of members of the Warry family of Shapwick.

Quite a lot of interesting detail for Warry researchers!

Some Warrys moved to Hinton St George, and then to New South Wales, Australia