The Dodge Family of Merriott

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Merriott Combined records of Births, Deaths and Marriages prior to 1812
No records.

Marriages 1812 – 1891 and 1892 – 1924

5 Sept 1864 William Dodge Full Age, Bachelor of Merriott, Weaver Thomas Dodge, Weaver James Lawrence
Elizabeth Chant Full Age, Spinster of Merriott George Chant, Labourer Ellen Trask
30 April 1878 Thomas Robert Reed 26, Bachelor of Broadwinsor, Inn Keeper Thomas Reed, InnKeeper John Dodge
Mary Ann Dodge 26, Spinster of Merriott John Dodge, Farmer Martha Dodge
28 August 1879 William Chubb 25 Bachelor of Cardiff, Marine Engineer Charles Chubb, Inn Keeper John Dodge
Elizabeth Dodge 23, Spinster of Merriott John Dodge, Farmer Mary Jane Chubb
9 Oct 1883 John Dodge 26, Bachelor of Waterloo Farm, Farmer John Dodge (deceased) Farmer Henry William Parker
Mary Susan Parker 24, Spinster of Church St Roger Parker (deceased) Farmer Jane Parker
22 January 1884 Alfred Edwin Trotman 25, Bachelor of Canton, Cardiff, Carpenter Edwin Trotman, Builder Samuel Dodge
Martha Dodge 31, Spinster of Waterloo Farm John Dodge, Farmer Sarah Dodge
30 May 1887 William Charles Lane 21, Bachelor of Halstock, Butcher Joseph Lane, Farmer Samuel Dodge
Sarah Dodge 24 Spinster of Waterloo Farm, Merriott John Dodge (deceased) Farmer Blanche Lane
28 Nov 1887 Henry William Parker 27, Bachelor of Merriott, Yeoman Roger Parker, Yeoman Samuel Dodge
Jane Dodge 28, Spinster of Merriott John Dodge, Yeoman Rose Parker
4 April 1923 Stanley John Dodge 27, Bachelor of Merriott, Farmer Samuel Dodge, Farmer Samuel Board
Laura Constance Board 28, Spinster of West Crewkerne Samuel Board, Dealer Leonard Dodge

Baptisms 1812 – 1875

William (a Weaver)  & Elizabeth Dodge, Beadon Lane 10 Sept 1865 Matilda (born 24 August)
9 June 1867 Henry William (born 25 April)
12 April 1874 Adelaide Emma (born 4 Oct 1872); father noted as a Policeman.

Census Data 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891 and 1901

1851 322 76 Templeman’s Lane Dodge, Sydney Serv Unmarried 22 years M House
Servant West Coker
1891 14 148 92 Waterloo Farm Dodge, Samuel Head M 30.   Farmer,
Employer, born Monkton, Dorset
Dodge Jessie Wife M 25 born West Coker, Somerset
1901 9 59 74 Church Road Parker Louisa Head W 62 Retired…. Merriott
Parker Samuel Son S 21 Butcher Own account at home Merriott
Parker Mark Son S 28 Butcher’s Assistant Merriott
Parker Ellen Dau S 25 At home Merriott
Dodge Florence Granddau S 12 Merriott
1901 11 60 87 Sockety Farm Dodge John Head M 44 Farmer Employer Monkton,
Dodge Mary Susan Wife M 42 Merriott
Dodge Beatrice Mary Dau 16 Dairy Maid  At home Merriott
Dodge Samuel John Son 14 Farmer’s son  At home Merriott
Dodge Etta Louisa Dau 10 Stratton, Somerset
Dodge Sydney Richard Son 8 Stratton, Somerset
Dodge Daisy May Dau 5 Stratton, Somerset
1901 12 60 88 Waterloo Farm Dodge Samuel Head M 40 Farmer Employer Monkton,
Dodge Jessie Wife M 35 West Coker
Dodge Samuel Son 8 Merriott
Dodge Leonard Son 6 Merriott
Dodge Stanley John Son 4 Merriott
Dodge Jessie Mary Dau 1 Merriott
Bishop Alice May Servant S 13 General Domestic  Misterton

1911 Census

RefNo of RoomsAbodePersons
2254Coronation Villa, Sockety FarmDODGE Samuel John Head 25 M Farmer's Son working on Farm; Worker born Merriott
DODGE Ethel May Lily Wife 23 Married 2 years 1 child born alive 1 still living; born Crewkerne SOM
DODGE Reggie Clifford Son 1y9m born Crewkerne SOM
2265Sockety FarmDODGE John Head 53 M Farmer Employer born Monkton DORSET
DODGE Mary Susan Wife 51 Married 27 years 6 children born alive 6 still living, born Merriott
DODGE Beatrice Mary Dau 26 S Farmer's Daughter Dairy Worker born Merriott
DODGE Sidney Richard Son 18 S Butcher Worker born Merriott
DODGE Daisy May Dau 15 S Farmer's Daughter Housework Worker born Merriott
2278Waterloo FarmDODGE Samuel Head 50 M Farmer Employer born Monkton DORSET
DODGE Jessie Wife 45 Married 20 years 4 children born alive 4 still living; born West Coker SOM
DODGE Leonard Son 16 S Working on Farm, Worker born Merriott
DODGE Stanley Son 14 Working on Farm, Worker born Merriott
DODGE Jessie Mary Dau 11 born Merriott
CAVE Jessie Georgia Niece 21 S born Southhampton HAMPSHIRE
478711 St Johns Road, Poole, DORSET

SAMWAYS George Head 52 M Jobbing Gardener on Own Account, born Winford Eagle? DORSET
SAMWAYS Hannah Wife 50 Married 33 years 4 children born alive 4 still living; born Woolminstone SOM
SAMWAYS Percy Son 29 S Unemployed Chauffeur born Stafford? DORSET
HUX Charles Boarder 22 S Clerk Employed, born Newport ISLE OF WIGHT
BRATTFORD Frederick Boarder 24 Shop Assistant Employed born Organford DORSET
DODGE Samuel Boarder 18 School Assistant Employed born Merriott


Burials 1812 – 1907 and 1907 – 1952

N = Grave in New Section of All Saints Churchyard;  O = Grave in Old Section

14-May 1881 John Dodge 65 Waterloo Farm
20-Jun 1915 John Dodge 57 Sockety Farm, Merriott
4-Apr 1944 Samuel Dodge 83 Waterloo Farm, Merriott Died 31 March
27-Nov 1945 Stillborn Child Dodge 0 Manor Cottage Child of Harold John
& Muriel Lilian Dodge (may not have been male)
2-Oct 1895 Ann Dodge 77 Lopen
14-Apr 1942 Ethel May Lily Dodge 54 Court Mills, Merriott N. 105. Died 10 April
9-Mar 1933 Jessie Dodge 67 The Bungalow, Merriott N 9 (D)
13-Feb 1932 Mary Susan Dodge 72 17 Colmer Road, Yeovil