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04. Photographs Archive

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04_02 Hold It - Smile Please
Introductory article originally published to encourage contributions to the Merriott Local History Group website

04_03 Village Street Scenes
Photographs showing various village streets and roads as they used to be, plus 2013 comparisons

04_04 Wartime Photographs and Memorobilia
Photographs that help to record the impact of two world wars on the village community

04_05 All Saints' Church
Photos associated with All Saints Church

04_06 Methodist Chapel
 Photographs associated with the Methodist Chapel

04_07 Elim Four Square Gospel Church
Photographs associated with the Elim Four Square Pentecostal Chapel

04_08 Village Schools Group Photographs
A collection of early group photographs

04_09 School Portraits
1930s/1940s portraits of school children, some of which mark special occasions

04_10 Arthur Mitchell's Traction Engine
Photographs of the last steam traction engine to operate in the village

04_11 Local Haymaking Scenes
 Photographs capturing the labour-intensive haymaking of yesterday

04_12 Lopen Flax Factory
Two exceptional wartime photographs relating to the local flax industry

04_13 Mr Chedzoy's Van
Old and modern photos of Mr Chedzoy’s van, for many years a regular Saturday visitor to the village

04_14 Harrison's Double-Decker Bus
A photograph and brief information recalling the days when Merriott had a daily service all the way to Weymouth, by double-decker bus

04_15 Village Outings
Village outings from the days of horse and wagon to Charbanc, to ‘luxury’ coach

04_16 Village Fetes And Carnivals
A collection of photos of village fetes and carnivals

04_17 Mother and Baby Party Time 1950s
An early 1950s Christmas party for mums and their small children

04_18 Miscellaneous Cultural Events
Two images of long-ago cultural activities, both of poor quality but well worth adding to the archive

04_19 Scouts Camp Weston S Mare, 1946
First scout camp away from the village – a really big adventure for most boys at this time

04_20 Scouts Camp, Wales 1947
 Second scout camp away from the village, this time all the way to Wales

04_21 Scouts On Parade
Photographs taken in the scout hut, early 1950s

04_22 Merriott Junior Drama Club Productions, 1960s-1970s (1)
 A wonderful set of photos, programmes, and adverts, with additional comments by Lynn Bromley (nee Durant) who was a member of the club

04_23 Merriott Junior Drama Club Productions, 1960s-1970s
 Additional photographs to those included in collection 04_22

04_24 School Nativity Play,1968
04_24 Two lovely photographs of lots of happy village children, but no other information

04_25 People of Yesterday
A small collection of photographs of past residents of the village, some of whom made a special contribution to village life

04_26 People At Work
 Images of people at work that do not fit into any particular category

04_27 Village Football Teams
 Photographs of early village football teams

04_28 Mystery Photos From America
 Images of local people who emigrated to America, identities unknown