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The richness of the soil in the parish of Merriott encouraged the development of Market Gardening from the 18th century.  The parish is surrounded by streams, and also watered by a brook which cuts off the southern part centred on Marks Barn and Shutteroaks houses.  The brook drove both the Billing’s and the Court mills. The main streets of the village form a triangle around a former open field called Hitchen or Landshare.  

In Dunning’s A History of Somerset, Merriott is mentioned as having a tree nursery as early as 1370; and also as supporting one of the largest nurseries in the county.

Farms – Their Farmers & Workers

This section is divided into three pages:     

1.     Specific Farms & their Farmers/ Yeoman

Shutteroaks    Mark’s Barn/ Mark’s Farm  Bow Mill  Sockety Farm  Waterloo Farm   Rectory Farm  Moorlands Farm

2.     Farmers, Yeoman & Market Gardeners & their Families – no Specific Farm named

Note:  If anyone has further information linking any of these families to specifically named Farms, I would be pleased to hear from you.
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Bidgood Family
Brake Family
Cuff Family
Robert Eason & Family
Sampson Eason & Family
England Family
Joseph Mitchell & Family
Robert Mitchell & Family
William Mitchell & Family
William Clark Mitchell & Family
Rodgers/Bodenham Family

Farr Family
Lawrence Family
Marsh Family
Norton Family
Henry Osborne & Family
Robert Osborne & Family
Samuel Osborne & Family
Henry Parker & Family
Roger Parker & Family
Pattemore Family
Rousell Family
Shutler Family