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05_02 Sections Of Parish Map, 1843
Images of part of a 19c parish map showing buildings and land detail

05_03 Marriage Settlement, 1806
Marriage settlement made between John French of Merriott and John Darbey of Dinnington in respect of their children

05_04 Will of Sansom Pattemore, 1871
Will of a Merriott Resident

05_05 Will of Susan Shutler, 1908
Will of a Merriott Resident

05_06 Tragic Death Of Josiah French, 1824
Josiah French was the village miller in the early 1800s.  This letter describing his tragic death was written by his son to his brother-in-law

05_07 Isaac Osborne's Family Bible
Pages from a family bible recording important events

05_08 Alexander Osborne's Military Transfer
Documents relating to the military service discharge and transfer to the Reserve of Alexander Osborne, Coldstream Guards. ¬†Alexander was the son of Isaac Osborne, and his birth in 1858 is one of those recorded in the family bible – see Isaac Osborne’s Bible, listed above.

05_09 Alice Prince's WW1 Enlistment Document
A unique WAAC/WRAF WW1 enlistment form and service record for a Hewish girl with a Merriott family connection

05_10 From Merriott to Siberia, WW1 Letters
Letters to a WW1 soldier from his Merriott family

05_11 Wartime Links With Home
A collection of correspondence with a Merriott connection sent by or to servicemen

05_12 Personal Home Guard Documents
A unique set of documents relating to WW2 service in the Merriott Home Guard

05_13 WW2 Wartime Certficates
A first aid certificate awarded to an adult, and two certificates awarded to children in the 1940s

05_14 School Board Election Poster
Poster declaring the outcome of the School Board election dated 1881

05_15 Kelly's Directory, 1919
Listing of prominent village residents and trades people

05_16 Wartime Photos and Memorobilia
A collection of wartime photos and documents

05_17 School Days in Merriott, 1930s - 1940s
A unique record of long-ago school days, with examples of school work

05_18 School Reading Book
School reading book in use in the first part of the 20th century

05_19 Mert Vire Brigade
Verse in local dialect about the village fire brigade

05_20 Palace Theatre Crewkerne Adverts
Advertisements for the local cinema

05_21 Merriott Junior Drama Club Productions, 1960s-1970s (1)
A wonderful set of programmes, photos and adverts, with additional comments by Lynn Bromley (nee Durant) who was a member of the club

05_22 Merriott Junior Drama Club Productions, 1960s-197 _2_
Additional drama club photos and newspaper report

05_23 Junior Drama Group Newspaper Report
Local newspaper report of yet another successful Drama Club production

05_24 Church Art Calendar
A Church Sunday School art calendar, late 1930s

05_25 Dedication of Church Bells, 1957
Order of service, dedication of refurbished church bells 1957

05_26 Who's Who All Saints Church, 1957
List of clergy and office holders

05_27 Sunday School Prizes
A collection of certificates from Sunday School book prizes

05_28 Grocery Order Books
Order books for local grocers

05_29 Tommy Sweet Village Cobbler
Verse dedicated to the last of the village cobblers

05_30 Tradesmen's Bills
A few bills presented by local tradesmen of a bygone age

05_31 Adverts For Local Tradesmen, 1957
A collection of adverts for local tradesmen of the 1950s, when the community was still relatively self-supporting

05_32 The Reverend Stanley Percival Letters 1891 and 1892
A collection of monthly letters from Rev Percival to his Parishioners