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03. Personal Memories Archive

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03_02 Merriott As I Knew It 1920 -1930s
Memories of the village by Hilda Tasker

03_03 School Days In Merriott -1930s - 1940s
A unique record of long ago school days, with examples of school work

03_04 Recollections Of Farming In The 1940s
Memories of Westgate and Moorlands farms

03_05 Merriott Did You Know
Cuttings of previously published items about the village in general, including personal memories of village life of long ago

03_06 Brief Encounter Pt 1
Happy childhood memories of Merriott in the early 1940s

03_07 Brief Encounter Pt 2
More happy childhood memories of Merriott in the early 1940s

03_08 Banbury Farm Revisted
A return visit to a childhood home in 2011 after a gap of almost 65 years

03_09 Come, Walk With Me
A nostalgic, late 1930s walk along the length of Boozer Pit and Higher Street recalling people and places of 80 years ago

03_10 An Old Pair Of Bellows
The 1933 Boozer Pit fire – a childhood memory.   An addition to Brian’s memories of Boozer Pit recalled in Come Walk With Me (above)

03_11 Village School, Class Of 1959
Recalling childhood friends and memories of the village of 1959

03_12 Emma Chant's Recollections
Recorded recollections and observations of a Merriott resident, the late Mrs Emma Chant, recorded by the author in the late 1960s in connection with his interest in rural dialect and folklore

03_13 Memories of Working At The Tail Mill Factory
Recalling working at Merriott Mouldings in the 1960s – 1980s.  See also Tail Mill: Down all the Years in the Village Archive.

03_14 Memories of Arthur Hut
Boyhood memories of visits to Merriott some 50 years ago, and of Arthur Hut, the last of the village old-timers.