Murley in Merriott 

The surname MURLEY (also spelt MURLY) was only found for a short period in the Merriott records, beginning in the middle of the 18th Century.  Of particular interest is the family of Edward & Elizabeth MURLEY – note the large number of children, and the fondness for the date 5th January for baptisms!

The 18th Century


29 January 1760 Christian Murley m Thomas Sugg
28 June 1739 John Murley m  Joan Bilon?
30 April 1752 Christian Murly m Samuel Chick (Hinton StG)
8 October 1771 Christian Murley m Giles Templeman
7 February 1777 Edward Murley m Elizabeth Rendle (Hinton St.G)
11 May 1793 John Murley (Chinnock) m Rachell Marks Dwight
14 January 1799 Martha Murley (Spelt Murly) m George Bullock (Odcombe)
13 November 1784 Mary Murley (Spelt Murly) m Thomas Mitchell


Edward & Elizabeth Murley  Baptism 11 February 1778 Martha
Baptism 5 January 1779 John
Baptism 5 January 1781 Roger
Baptism 5 January 1783 Edward
Burial 10 October 1783 Edward
Baptism 5 January 1785 Edward
Baptism 5 January 1787 Charles
Baptism 5 January 1788 Silvester
Baptism 5 January 1790 Mary
Baptism 5 January 1791 Christiana
Baptism 5 January 1794 Elizabeth
Baptism 5 January 1795 Susanna
Baptism 5 January 1796 Catharine
Baptism 5 January 1799 Catharine
Baptism 5 January 1800 Ann
Baptism 6 January 1804 Sarah
Roger & Hannah Murley Baptism 6 January 1804 Maria
Baptism 13 January 1807 George Bullock
Baptism 10 January 1809 Mary
Thomas & Martha Murley Baptism 12 January 1784 Sarah Baptism 10 March 1789 William


Burial 15 May 1792 Elizabeth Murley Spelt Murly
Burial 25 April 1797 Catharine Murley Spelt Murly

The 19th Century


The Devon Record Office hold ledgers, day books and accounts for John Murly, ranging from 1799 to 1840.    Perhaps this is the John Murl(e)y baptised 5 January 1779, son of Edward & Elizabeth??

The Somerset Record Office holds the following item:
DDTRANS/1/40:  Wells, 1811 – extract from Quarter Sessions minutes concerning the destruction of malt belonging to John Murley of Merriott, maltster and common brewer.


6 May 1824 Elizabeth Murly m Robert Porter
16 August 1825 Catharine Murly m Charles Rendall
25 August 1829 Anne Murly m Thomas Bellamy


None in the All Saints Parish Registers.


By the middle of the 19th century, the surname was only represented in Merriott in two ways:

  1. Elizabeth Murly, living on Broadway as head of household, with the following persons:  (Y = Born Somerset).   Unfortunately no relationships are given, with the exception of the last entry.
    Murly Elizabeth 80 F Ind Y
    Osborne Ann 35 F Ind Y
    Warry William 30 M Ind Y
    Warry Sarah 35 F Y
    Warry Henry? 1 M Y
    Eason Ann 20 F Female Servant Y

Secondly, in the 1841 census, Murly’s Yard is given as a place of residence of a family of RAINDELLS.


For researchers interested in the Murl(e)y surname, please check the Researchers page.