What is New

What’s New

  • 2 April 2017: The uploading of all the Merriott Local History Group articles is now complete.  Here they are:   Merriott Local History Group Archive.  My thanks to David Gibbs for the tremendous amount of effort he has made in producing all the pdfs.    In addition, I’ve restructured the Merriott Yesterday and Today pages, and David has contributed his Miscellany of Merriott Memories.
  • 4 March 2017:  I’ve added a page for all Merriott Burials 1900 – 1952 here:  Merriott Burials 1900 – 1952   This includes ALL surnames, not just the ones I’ve highlighted on individual pages.   I’ve arranged them in alphabetical order by surname, so you can either scroll down to the surname you are interested in, or do a page search for the name.  (press control-f on your keyboard and the names should be highlighted).  This is an experimental page with nearly 1000 entries, so it may take a while to load on your computer.   Let me know what you think.  sue@merriottfamiliesgenealogy.net.
  • 4 March 2017:   I’ve also got Merriott Marriages 1900 – 1924 up, but I’ve used a different method to present the data.  Your feedback is welcome.
  • 1 March 2017:  I’ve finished putting 1911 Census data on individual name pages.   Additionally, I’ve added data collected from the 1911 census where “Merriott” is given as a birthplace.  Note, this is not a complete listing – perhaps more of a taste of the spread of Merriott folk through England and Wales and Channel Islands at the time of the 1911 census.   I’m sure there are many more Merriott-born waiting to be found!
  • February 2017:  Still going with the tweaking, but learning new things about Wordpress all the time.
    I’ve been in contact with David Gibbs, and he is allowing me to put documents from the Merriott Local History Group Website (now offline) into my website.  Bit by bit…. there are over 100 pdfs to add!  Check out MLHG Archive.
  • January 2017:  I have to change my website from being FrontPage based to being Wordpress based.   I’ve had all 190+ pages migrated over to this new format, but tweaking appearances and other things will take a while.  Please bear with me!
  • 2nd January 2012:  Finally I have tracked down the background to Samuel Osborne’s trek to Australia, and it involves his brother George, several chickens, Van Dieman’s Land, Port Arthur and more. Have a look at  George Osborne to Australia and New Zealand
  • 2nd March 2011:   I have copies of the Merriott book mentioned below, for Australian and New Zealand folk.
    “Merriott: A Historical Snapshot”There will be a limited edition of this book and we are seeking to sell copies in to defray the cost of printing.
    The book does not claim to be a history of Merriott nor a comprehensive collection of photographs. It represents a compilation of historical material from publications, records, articles and memoirs to provide a background to a wide range of photographs and illustrations.It gives an evocative snapshot of the village which we hope will arouse interest and bring back memories.The book consists of 80 pages printed on good quality 130gsm matt paper with a gloss laminate cover of 250gsm with pictures on each side.The book is very modestly priced at £4.99 and will be non-profit making, and proceeds in excess of the cost going to the Village Hall.We hope that many people will support the project and buy this book thereby contributing to the social history of Merriott by preserving historical records and old photos before the material is lost.”
  • 23 May 2008:  An email from David Goble has probably found the right Arthur Haines whose information was missing from the World War
    One Memorial research page.  I’ve added that information now. Thanks to David for that!
  • April 2008:   I’ve had a gorgeous photograph sent to me by Beryl Bellamy, to see whether anyone can help with identification of the people pictured.   The photo can be found here.  It is of a wedding at the Kings Arms Inn around early 20th century. At this time the Pattemore family was in residence, and quite possibly one or more of the family are in the picture.   Does anyone have knowledge of military uniforms, or of dating old photographs – might help determine a time period.    If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!