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Osborne from Merriott to Queensland, Australia, 1858

Samuel OSBORNE was baptised at Merriott, Somerset, England, on December 29, 1833, the fifth and last child of Joseph and Mary (nee Lawrence)  Osborne. As older brother Joseph was baptised on July 31, 1831, it seems likely that Samuel was born after this date. 

Joseph (a Labourer) & Mary
(nee Lawrence) OSBORNE, married 1824
26 December 1825 Robert
10 October 1827 George
22 March 1829 Harriet (buried 30 July 1834)
31 July 1831 Joseph
29 December 1833 Samuel

The family of Joseph & Mary and their four  sons was split by the time of the 1841 census, with Mary listed as “Independent”, living in Lower St, Merriott, with sons Joseph aged 10,
and Samuel aged 8.  The whereabouts of Joseph snr, and older sons Robert & George is not known at the time of the 1841 census.  The death of Joseph, snr, has not yet been found.  Robert Osborne moved to Misterton, south of Crewkerne, by the mid- 1850s,  as did Joseph jnr (eventually).   George was transported to Van Dieman’s Land.  Read his story here.

It is likely that Samuel was living at Misterton prior to emigration to Queensland, as he married Mary Ann MOUCHER there in 1857, the year first son George Enos (or Amos) was born.  The young family came to Queensland  on the Alfred, which arrived in Moreton Bay on the 19th of September 1858.  The Alfred was a ship of 1278 tons, and this voyage brought 435 immigrants. It was only a year before the colony was separated from New South Wales, with the new Queensland being officially born in 1859.  [Samuel signed the petition of May 1859 to the Government of New South Wales to request the separation of Queensland from New South Wales].     The voyage lasted 90 days from Liverpool; there were five births and six deaths noted in the Shipping intelligence of the Moreton Bay Courier.    Only one days’ rough weather was experienced on the voyage.

Mary Ann’s sister Sarah MOUCHER was also on this voyage.  Other sisters Dinah and Elizabeth MOUCHER also came to Queensland on separate voyages; they were to live much longer lives than their ill-fated sister.     Mary Ann must have been either just pregnant, or about to become pregnant, as next son Joseph Henry (registered as Osbourne) was born on 12th May 1859 in Queensland.   Mary Ann died on 27th of the same month, at Fortitude Valley, where they were living. Joseph Henry died on 17th July of the same year.   It may be a coincidence that there is a Misterton Street at Fortitude Valley in Brisbane to this day.

At some time after Mary Ann & Joseph Henry had died,  Samuel went to Melbourne, where he remarried on 25th May 1860 (Fanny HARRIS, a previous resident of Upper Chelsea, London), at the same time as his older brother George OSBORNE married for the first (perhaps only) time (Ann MULRAINEY/MORONY– a native of Dublin, Ireland).  How the brothers met up is not known.   In the following year, at  Ryrie St, Collingwood, Melbourne, Samuel’s son George Enos (aka George Amos)  by his first marriage to Mary Ann MOUCHER died.

The first son in Samuel’s second marriage, Henry George Osborne, was born at Collingwood, Melbourne on July 6th, 1862, but not registered until 21st August, 1862, when the family were in the district of Port Curtis (Gladstone, Queensland).   One wonders what the trip was like for the post-partum Fanny- a distance of approximately 2,500 km.   At this time, Samuel’s brother George had his first child, Samuel, on Diamantina Station, Port Curtis (born 1st May 1862, registered 23rd July 1862 at Gladstone).  Presumably Samuel had travelled north to meet up with his brother, who was working as a labourer on Diamantina Station.  It seems likely that the two brothers were quite fond of each other, if the naming of their children is anything to go by.

The next record I have relating to Samuel & Fanny OSBORNE is of second son Frederick’s birth in 1864 near Newcastle, New South Wales – approximately 1300 km south of Gladstone. The registration was carried out by a Jane Partridge, by Frederick’s parents’ authorization. The certificate shows Samuel as a 29 year old Milkman (he would have been about 31). His being a milkman is not corroborated by any other information at this time, but it may have been a temporary occupation. The certificate also shows him as having married in 1860 in New Zealand (which is not correct). His third son, Alfred John Osborne (possibly named after the emigrant ship Alfred) was also born near Newcastle, in 1866. His birth certificate shows Samuel as a dealer, aged 31 (he would have been about 33).

The Alfred was the same vessel which brought other relatives of Samuel to New South Wales in 1857.    

These included William OSBORNE, his wife Hannah SWEET, and a cousin of theirs, Joseph OSBORNE , with his wife Mary Ann LAWRENCE. Another cousin, John Cribb OSBORNE, had migrated to Geelong in 1849. Other Osbornes arrived in 1858 as assisted immigrants – uncles, aunts and cousins to William Osborne mentioned above. All were descended (as was our Samuel and George), from the original Osborne to come to Merriott in the 1600s – Alexander Osborne. As all these families came from Merriott and were related, it seems likely that Samuel met up with his cousins when he moved with his family to Newcastle. William and Hannah settled at Honeysuckle Point, from which place the Jane Partridge mentioned above as registering the birth of Frederick in 1864 came from. Our Samuel’s cousin, also named Samuel Osborne, drowned in the Williams River near Seaham, upstream from  Raymond Terrace on 27th July 1864.

See:  Osborne to New South Wales, Australia and Osborne to Victoria, Australia for more detail.

So far I have not found a record of Samuel being back in Brisbane until the Post Office Directory of 1874.  Various Post Office Directories of Brisbane (the precursors of the phone book) show Samuel

  • 1874 at Lisle Villa, Breakfast Creek, Brisbane (no occupation)
  • 1883/4 and 1885/6, listed as a horse dealer of Park St, Bowen Hills, Brisbane
  • 1887 listed as a dealer, of Francis Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane
  • 1888 listed as a horse dealer of Campbell Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane
  • 1889 and 1890 listed as a horse dealer, Maud Street, O’Connell Town, Brisbane (now Windsor, Brisbane)

All these places would be considered “inner city suburbs” of Brisbane in this day and age, but were not considered so one hundred years ago.

Samuel died at Maud Street, O’Connell Town, (now Cartwright Street, Windsor) on March 11th, 1902. His death certificate was signed by son Henry George, living at Maud Street. The age on his death certificate (74 years, i.e. born about 1828) does not tally with other ages given during his life for various registrations. If we believe the baptismal date as being the most correct, his age at death would have been about 68 years.   Samuel predeceased his second wife, Fanny, by only five years.   They are both buried at Lutwyche Cemetery, a few kilometres down the road from Maud Street, with their son Henry George Osborne – the large headstone is clearly visible from the main road through the area, Gympie Road.

All three of  Samuel & Fanny’s  sons were Shoemakers.  The eldest, Henry George, did not marry.   The youngest son, Alfred John Osborne, married Harriet Dangerfield.  The middle son, Frederick George, married Hannah Weatherill, daughter of another Shoemaker, Walter Weatherill, who brought his family to Queensland from Yorkshire, via Manchester, in the 1860s.  Hannah herself was born in Charlotte Street, Brisbane, in 1870.

Frederick George & Hannah OSBORNE had nine children, the second of whom was also named Frederick George.    This son, born in 1892, married Ada Mary HARTEN, daughter of John HARTEN, born in Cavan, Ireland, and Louisa Henrietta Payne, born in Birtsmorton, Worcestershire, England.    Five sons were born to this couple;  one of whom –
Neville Edward, was my husband’s father.

Here is a photo of Samuel Osborne’s Gravestone, in the Lutwyche Cemetery,
Brisbane, Queensland.  His wife Fanny and son Henry George are also
buried in this grave.


Descendants of Samuel Osborne 1833- 1902 (Three Generations)

1 Samuel Osborne b: Bef. 29 Dec 1833 in Merriott, Somersetshire, England Baptism: 29 Dec 1833 All Saints, Merriott, Somerset, England d: 11 Mar 1902 in Maud St, Windsor, next to Rosemount Hospital.  Census: 1841 Lower Street, Merriott, Somerset Burial: 12 Mar 1902 Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane

.. +Mary Ann Moucher b: Abt. 1837 in Swyre, Nth Bridport, Dorset m: 15 Jun 1857 in Misterton, Somerset, England d: 27 May 1859 in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Census: 1851 Weaver; Misterton, Somerset, England Burial: 27 May 1859 Church of England Burial Grounds, Brisbane

….. 2 George Amos Osborne b: Bef. 7 Feb 1858 in Somersetshire, England Baptism: 7 Feb 1858 Misterton, Somerset, England d: 12 Jul 1861 in Ryrie St, Collingwood, Victoria

….. 2 Joseph Henry Osborne b: 12 May 1859 in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia d: 17 Jul 1859 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

*2nd Wife of Samuel Osborne:

.. +Fanny Harris b: Abt. 1843 in Upper Chelsea, Middlesex, England m: 25 May 1860 in Nth Melbourne, Aust. Wesleyan Church d: 28 Mar 1907 in Maud St, Windsor, next to Rosemount Hospital.  Burial: 29 Mar 1907 Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane

….. 2 Henry George Osborne b: 6 Jul 1862 in Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria d: 21 Jun 1932 in Brisbane, Queensland Burial: Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane

….. 2 Frederick George Osborne b: 5 Jul 1864 in Bullock Island, Newcastle, New South Wales d: 4 Jul 1935 in Windsor, Brisbane, Queensland Burial: Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane
……… +Hannah Weatherill b: 25 Jun 1870 in Charlotte St, Brisbane m: 28 Feb 1889 in Brisbane, Queensland d: 3 Sep 1949 in Brisbane, Queensland


Gravestone of Frederick & Hannah Osborne
and their daughter May Harriett.


………… 3 Fanny Elizabeth Osborne b: 1 Feb 1890 in Brisbane, Queensland d: 2 Jul 1935 in Brisbane, Queensland
……………. +George Coomber m: 26 Mar 1910 in Brisbane, Queensland

………… 3 Frederick George Osborne b: 8 Jan 1892 in O’Connell Town (Windsor, Brisbane) d: 11 Feb 1946 in Brisbane, Queensland Burial: Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane
……………. +Ada Mary Harten b: 21 Oct 1896 in Brisbane, Queensland m: 15 May 1915 in Queensland, Australia d: 5 Feb 1975 in Brisbane, Queensland.  Burial: 6 Feb 1975 Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane


Here is a photograph of Frederick George & Ada Mary OSBORNE, taken about 1917, with their first son, Roy Osborne, born 1915.  


…………………. 4 Roy Frederick Kitchener Osborne 

…………………. 4 Cyril Henry John Osborne 

…………………. 4 Ronald James Arthur Osborne 

…………………. 4 Neville Edward Osborne – my husband’s father – for a special tribute, go to the Neville Osborne Page

…………………. 4 Colin Harold Osborne 

………… 3 Mabel Hannah Osborne b: 15 Jun 1894 in Brisbane, Queensland d: in Goulbourn New South Wales
……………. +David Leslie Makin m: 11 Sep 1915 in Queensland, Australia

………… 3 Violet Caroline Osborne b: 17 Jun 1897 in Brisbane, Queensland d: in Darwin, Northern Territory
……………. +William Foster m: 4 Jan 1919 in Queensland, Australia

………… 3 May Harriet Osborne b: 2 Jan 1900 in Brisbane, Queensland d: 7 Mar 1912 in Brisbane, Queensland Burial: Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane

………… 3 Ivy Florence Osborne b: 27 Jun 1904 in Brisbane, Queensland d: in Brisbane, Queensland
……………. +Alfred Greenough m: 24 Mar 1928 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

………… 3 Arthur Henry Osborne b: 1906 in Brisbane, Queensland
……………. +Lilly

………… 3 Harold Walter Osborne b: 1908 in Brisbane, Queensland d: in Brisbane, Queensland
……………. +Dorothy

………… 3 Hazel Elsa Osborne b: 4 Jun 1914 d: in Perth, Western Australia
……………. +David Parker m: in Perth, Western Australia

….. 2 Alfred John Osborne b: 6 Aug 1866 in Ox Island, Nr Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia d: 30 Sep 1936 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
……… +Harriet Ann Dangerfield b: Abt. 1868 in Waloon, Queensland m: 26 May 1892 in O’Connell Town, Queensland, Australia d: 19 May 1933 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

………… 3 George Henry Osborne b: 27 Aug 1893 in Queensland, Australia d: 16 Apr 1926 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Burial: Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

………… 3 Ernest Albert Osborne b: 20 Feb 1896
……………. +Ida Helena Robba m: 16 May 1925 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

………… 3 Isaac Cecil Osborne b: 18 Oct 1898
……………. +Violet Jemima Pearl Whitehead m: 4 Jun 1927 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

………… 3 Robert William Osborne b: 26 Nov 1901
……………. +Esme Eileen Rosenthal m: 2 Jul 1927 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

………… 3 Mary Ellen Osborne b: 26 Jun 1905 in Queensland, Australia

………… 3 James Alfred Osborne b: 13 Feb 1911 in Queensland, Australia

………… 3 Victoria May Osborne b: 22 Dec 1914 in Queensland, Australia
……………. +Robert William Havill m: 10 Nov 1934 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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