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Osbornes from Merriott to Wales 

George & Robert Osborne                Benjamin Osborne

Thanks to John Osborne, Diane Ellisor and Barb Dembinski for some of this information.

George & Robert Osborne  

Sometime before the early 1880s, George Osborne (born 1850, Crewkerne) and his older brother, William (born 1849), sons of Robert Osborne & Mary Ann Daw, emigrated from Misterton to the Rhondda Valley in Wales, where their descendants are still living today.  Their parents, Robert & Mary Ann (nee Daw) had earlier moved from Merriott to Misterton, where they remained.

Robert (a Tranter/ Labourer) & Mary Ann (nee Daw) OSBORNE
Married: 1 March 1846 
4 April 1847 Mary Ann (born 3 Mar 1846)
3 August 1851 William (born 1 Jan 1849)
3 August 1851 George (born Aug 1850)
Robert & Mary Ann moved to Misterton;  George & William eventually moved to the Rhondda Valley, in Wales.
Baptisms at Misterton courtesy of Diane Ellisor
5 June 1853 Henry
10 March 1861 Levi
2 November 1862 Rebecca
4 December 1864 Sarah Ann
1 March 1868 Susan
12 June 1870 Bessie

Robert was the eldest son of Joseph & Mary OSBORNE. His brothers, Samuel & George, emigrated to Australia.   His sister Harriet died as an infant (in 1834).   His brother Joseph also moved to Misterton, where he remained.   Father Joseph did not appear on any Merriott censuses; his burial date & whereabouts is unknown. Mother Mary died on 1 June 1843.   Robert himself is absent from the 1851 census of Merriott, although his wife Mary (Mary Ann) is living with his grandfather William OSBORNE.  It is thought he may have been in jail after stealing.

Joseph (a Labourer) & Mary (nee Lawrence) OSBORNE
Married: 25 October 1824
26 December 1825 Robert
10 October 1827 George
22 March 1829 Harriet
31 July 1831 Joseph
29 December 1833 Samuel
For more about Samuel &
George, see: To Queensland

CENSUS Data for these families:

1841 9 Lower St, Merriott Osborne Mary 45 F Ind Y
Osborne Joseph 10 M Y
Osborne Samuel 8 M Y
[Whereabouts of father Joseph, and children Robert &
George is not known]
1851 493 015 Roundham, Merriott Osborne Joseph Head M 20 M Ag. Lab Merriott Osborne Rebecca Wife M 21 F Girth Web Weaver Crewkerne
1851 323 085 Borough of Monkhoods Osborne William Head W 85 M Pauper Som, Merriott
Osborne Mary Granddau-in-law M 20 F Dorset, Beaminster
Osborne Mary Greatgranddau U 5 F Som, Merriott
Osborne William Greatgrandson U 3 M Som, Merriott
Osborne George Greatgrandson U 8 m M Som, Merriott
1881 2120 127 2 Misterton Osborne Robert Head M 56 M Horse Dealer, Merriott
Osborne Mary Wife M 55 F Linen Web Weaver Dorset Beaminster
Osborne Levi Son 20 M Gen Lab Crewkerne
Osborne Rebecca Dau 18 F Tow spinner Crewkerne
Osborne Susan Dau 13 F Misterton
Osborne Bessey Dau 10 F Misterton
1881   Misterton Osborne Joseph M Head 48 M Farmer 60 acres Misterton
Osborne Mary F Wife 49 M Misterton
Osborne Reuben 18 M Son U Misterton
Osborne Mary 8 F Dau Scholar Misterton
Osborne Arthur 6 M Son Scholar Misterton
[Note:  Wife Mary was Joseph’s second wife; first wife  Rebecca
died in 1869]
1891 77 Misterton Osborne Joseph 60 M Head Widower Farmer, Employer, Merriott
Osborne Arthur 17 M Son U Carpenter Misterton
Osborne Mary 19 F Dau U Dressmaker Misterton
Mitchell Elizabeth 60 F Serv U Housekeeper Misterton
1891 120 Osbornes Cottages, Misterton Osborne Reuben 28 M Head M Ag Lab Misterton
Osborne Eliza 22 F Wife M Dorset, South Perrott
Osborne Charles 1 M son Misterton
1891   Osborne Cottages, Misterton Osborne Robert Head M 66 M Horse Dealer Merriott  

NOTE:  1891 Misterton Census Data is courtesy of Diane Ellisor.


Cambrian Colliery, Clydach Vale, Rhondda Valley, Wales
Photo: Courtesy of John Osborne, descendent of George Osborne, born 1850,


Benjamin Osborne

Noted in the 1901  census (courtesy of Barb Dembinski)Living : 12F, Wind St, Aberdare, Glamorgan:
Benjamin OSBORNE, aged 32, Scavenging Haulier, born Merriott.  [son of George Osborne & Martha Dean, born 1870]
Hannah OSBORNE, wife, aged 26, born Aberdare, Glamorgan
David John OSBORNE, brother in law, 16 years, Coal hewer, born Aberdare, Glamorgan
Robert LAWRENCE, Boarder, single aged 30, Railway Porter, born Merriott.

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