Specific Farms

Specific Farms and the Families

1.     Specific Farms & their Farmers/ Yeoman

Mark’s Barn/ Mark’s Farm
Bow Mill
Sockety Farm
Waterloo Farm
Rectory Farm
Moorlands Farm

SHUTTEROAKS – Shutteroak House is an early 18th century house of two storeys with a symmetrical front of seven bays, which has mullioned and transomed windows.  

1830 – 1842 FRENCH, Roger named as a Yeoman of Shutteroaks at
the times of the baptisms of his children.
1841 census FRENCH, Roger 40 (Yeoman);  Lucy 35; Lucy 12;
Sarah 6; Nancy 4; Charlotte 2
1851 census Name of the Farmer is not given;  Labourers living at the farm were:
ENGLAND, Robert Head  60 (Labourer);  Susan Wife 54;  Ann Dau  21; George Son  16; John  Son  14; Hannah Dau  8;  Ahri? Grandchild  13; Ellender? Grandchild  7 ; Elizabeth Grandchild  4 ; Mary Lodger U 59 
1868 & 1869 READ, Robert Rendall  – Noted as Yeoman, Shutteroaks, at Baptism of children.
By 1891 resident at Mark’s Barn Farm (see below).
1872 READ, John – Noted as Yeoman, Shutteroaks, at Marriage of daughter Mary Anna READ.
1881 census Shutteroaks House:  No head of household listed; only servants
1891 census Shutteroaks House:  No head of household listed; only servants

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MARK’S BARN/ MARK’S FARM – Lower St, Merriott – The current Marks Barn House is a large gabled building of circa 1900.  

1841 census Mark’s Barn MARSH, Robert 41 (Yeoman); Ann 35; Fanny Read 11; John 8; Mary 7; Martha 4 Sarah Ann 3 [Note: surname changed from MARKS to MARSH on 11 Aug 2002 after confirmation from Diane Ellisor]
1847 & 1849 Mark’s Barn SHUTLER, Amos  – Noted as Yeoman & Farmer at time of Baptisms of Children.
1851 census Mark’s Farm SHUTLER, Mary 58 (Widow;  Proprietor of land); Mary Dau U 28; William Son U 26  Labour;  John Son U 24 Labour; Richard Son U 20 Labour; Christania Dau U 22 ; Joseph Son U 16  ; Martha Lodger U 40 .
Note: Mary died in 1878 at Mark’s Barn Farm.
1871 census Mark’s Barn FRENCH,  John Head  64 ( Farmer 43 acres 2men, 1 woman & 1 boy;  born Dorset); Elizabeth 67 (born
East Pennard).  Note: Elizabeth died 1872.
1881 census Mark’s Farm, Dwinet’s Hole, Merriott SHUTLER, Amos 66 (Farmer of 150 acres); Mary Ann 62.   Note:  Amos died 1890; Mary died 1900.
1891 census Mark’s Farm LAWRENCE,  Robert  79 (Widower; Yeoman); 
,  Robert R Son-in-law  53 (Living on own means); READ, Mary daughter 52; READ Robert L Grandson 22; READ Elizabeth Granddau 19; READ Rachael Granddau 17;  READ Edward Grandson 16;  READ George Grandson 13; READ Maud Granddau 10.
1891 census Mark’s Barn Farm SHUTLER,  Richard Head 26 (Farmer);  Emma Wife M 26; Richard C Son 2 ; Adela M Dau 2mo 

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BOW MILL – Bow Mill had been settled by the 14th century, and later developments included Eggwood House on the western boundary, and Sockety Farm, north of the village. 

1841 census HOPKINS, Jesse 70 (Miller);
HILL, John 30 (Miller);  Hannah 40
1851 census PATCH, William 40 (Miller & Farmer 30 acres employing 8); Mary Wife  45; Temperance Niece  24; James Nephew  18; BUCKRELL,  William Apprentice to Miller & Farmer,  U 18; HARRIS William Apprentice to Miller & Farmer,  U 18; BUCKRELL,  Margaret Niece  6
1861 census PATCH, William 50 (Corn Miller, from Norton sub Hamdon); Jane Wife 33; William Son  5;  John Son  8m
1871 census PATCH, William 60 (Miller, Farmer 43 acres, emp 5 labourers); Jane Wife  46; John Son 10; Joan Dau  8; Gilbert Son  6; Mary Dau 4; Sarah Jane Dau  1
1881 census PATCH, William 70 (Miller & Farmer); Jane Wife 55 ;  William Son  25  (Miller);   Gilbert Son  15 ; Sarah Jane Dau 12 
1891 census PATCH, John 60 (Miller & Farmer);  Marianne Wife M 52; Henry Son  23;  Fanny Dau  21;   Rosa Dau  16;   Frank Pape Son 13;  Ellen Dau 11

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SOCKETY FARM – Cleaved from Bow Mills, probably in the 18th century.  Sockety is a late 18th century house with stone gables and a red-brick front.  [Victoria County History]

1841 census NORTON,  William  20  Twine Maker 
1851 census BEALER, John 50 (Farmer of 84 acres emp 4 labs), unmarried, living with him was his sister Mary, unmarried aged 53.
1851 census SAUNDERS, Matthew Head  50  Farmer 50 acres emp 2 lab Dor, Rampisham
Eliza  53  Wife of farmer Dor, Batcombe
George 20 Son of farmer Dor, Stockwood
Frances 18 Dau of farmer Dor, Stockwood
John 16 Son of farmer Dor, Chetnole
Elizabeth  11 Scholar Dor, Oathill
Nathan  10 Scholar Dor, Hillfield
Martha  7 Scholar Dor, Hillfield
Esau  4 Farmer’s son Som, Merriott
Rebekah  1 Farmer’s dau Som, Merriott
1861 census MITCHELL,  Thomas Head  54  (Farmer of 98 acres emp 3men 2 boys); Ann Wife  53 F; Robert Son  22;  Joseph Son  15;  Francis Son
9 ;  Samuel Thomas Grandson  4 .  Note: Matthew SAUNDERS is listed as a Dairyman on Sockety with his family in 1861. In 1871 he is listed as the Farmer, of Waterloo Farm (see below).
1871 census MITCHELL,  Thomas  64 (Farmer of 121 acres emp 3 men & 1 boy); Ann Wife  63; Robert Son  32; Francis Son  19; Samuel Thomas Grandson
1881 census MITCHELL, Thomas 74 ( Farmer of 120 acres); Ann Wife  73; Robert Son 42
Note: Thomas died in 1890; Ann died in 1886.
1891 census MITCHELL, Robert  52 years, Single (Farmer)

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WATERLOO FARM – North of Sockety, is circa 1820.  [Victoria County History]
1841 census CARY,  50  Yeoman; Hester 50; George 19;  Mary 25.
Note:  the CARYs do not appear in subsequent Merriott censuses.
1871 census SAUNDERS, Matthew 70 (Widower;  Farmer of 50 acres, 1 lab); Joseph 18 ( Farmer’s Son).  Note:  Matthew, born in Dorset,  died 1872.    During the period 1849 to 1853, Matthew is noted as a Dairyman, living at Waterloo Farm, for the Baptisms of four children.  In the 1861 census of Merriott he is listed as a Dairyman at Sockety Farm, with wife Eliza & seven children.
1881 census DODGE, John  Head M 65 (Farmer of 77 acres);  Ann Wife M 63;  John Son U 23; Jane Dau U 21;   Samuel Son U 20;    Sarah Dau U 18.   Note:  John senior died May 1881 & wife Ann died 1895 in Lopen.
1891 census DODGE, Samuel  Head M 30 (Farmer); Jessie Wife M 25

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1877 Will of Edward Pattemore WARRY, Robert Rousell – Yeoman

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There is an item at the Somerset Record Office, DDSGLY/29, being the Sale particulars, with plan, of Moorlands Farm, 98 acres, in the parishes of Merriott and Crewkerne.   Dated 1883. 

1871 census CUFF,  William Fitchett Head W 66 Landowner 250 acres, employing 15 men 2 women and 5 boys.  Born Som, Merriott. Emma Dau U 18 Cuff Mary Dau U 17 Som, Merriott.
William Fitchett Cuff died in Merriott aged 71, on Moorlands, and was buried in the All Saints Church of England graveyard on 8th April 1876.    His wife Emma was buried on 17th February 1863, aged 47 years.   Mr Cuff is listed in the 1851 census as a widower, a Farmer of 200 acres employing 20 men, living in Ashwell Lane, with no farm name mentioned.  In the 1861 census he is listed as the Chairman of the Chard Union, married (no wife present), and living in Chard Road, Merriott.   His marriages and the baptisms of his children are not listed in the Merriott All Saints records.
1891 census NORTON, Benjamin B   Head Married aged 63, Farmer, Employer, born East Coker, Somerset.    Adelaide Norton, Wife, aged 59, born East Coker, Somerset.  Dennis Rumsby, son aged 27, Farmer’s Son, born East Coker, Somerset.
1901 census DYSON, John Head M 65  ? Commission,  born Clerkenwell, London;   Fanny Louisa Wife M 54 Paddington, London.  The Wills of Fanny Louisa Dyson and John Dyson of Moorlands, Crewkerne, are held at the Somerset Record Office:  DPmer/17/1/4   M/1409. Dated 20 Feb 1919 and 7 July 1921.   They are buried in All Saints Churchyard,  Merriott as follows:
22 September 1935 Fanny Louisa Dyson aged 89 Moorlands, Merriott. Officiating Minister: Bishop Every
19 March 1919 John Dyson aged 83 Moorlands, Merriott.  Officiating Minister: Stanley E Percival, Vicar

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