QOTC 1867

Queen of the Colonies
Voyages to Queensland : 1867

The last voyage of the Queen of the Colonies to Queensland departed London on 25 August 1867 and arrived Moreton Bay 7th December 1867.
The Master was Daniel Owen.
The following is transcribed from the list of full paying passengers as per the Queensland Government Emigration Office, 2, Old Broad Street, London.   Queensland State Archives Ref:  COL/A99; 67/3308.

Total passengers:  67 – Saloon 12, 2nd Cabin 24, Intermediate 7 and Steerage 23.

SurnameForenameAgeClassLand Order No.AmountNotes
BullenHenry27Saloon342930 pounds
BullenHarriet29Saloon343630 pounds
CowellThomas O42SaloonPreviously resided in colony; no Land Order Grant
CowellAnn43Saloon343030 pounds
CowellHelen11SaloonPreviously resided in colony; no Land Order Grant
DavisonWilliam J24Saloon343130 pounds
HammandEdmund18Saloon343230 pounds
PerkinsGeorge37Saloon343330 pounds
PerkinsIsabella35Saloon343430 pounds
PerkinsIsabella7Saloon343515 pounds
SmithCharles Montague21Saloon343730 pounds
SnellJonathan Cobham15Saloon343830 pounds
SuterFrederick J28Saloon343930 pounds
BrownJane212nd Cabin344030 pounds
DavisEllen182nd Cabin344130 pounds
FurberRobert202nd Cabin344230 pounds
GillmanHy W202nd Cabin348830 poundsHas resided in colony but received Land Order grant
GrahamHugh262nd Cabin344330 pounds
HutchinsonAbraham372nd Cabin344430 pounds
HutchinsonSarah452nd Cabin344530 pounds
HutchinsonJames152nd Cabin344630 pounds
HutchinsonRachel102nd Cabin344915 pounds
HutchinsonKathleen72nd Cabin345015 pounds
HutchinsonAlbert42nd Cabin345115 pounds
DawsonJohn W182nd Cabin344730 poundsChild of Mrs Hutchinson's former husband
DawsonSarah J152nd Cabin344830 poundsChild of Mrs Hutchinson's former husband
HetheringtonIsaac212nd Cabin345230 pounds
HetheringtonAnn262nd Cabin345330 pounds
HetheringtonGrace32nd Cabin345415 pounds
HetheringtonMarthaInfant2nd Cabin
McCormackDaniel382nd Cabin
McCormackAnn282nd Cabin
McCormackMary72nd Cabin
McCormackJohn62nd Cabin
NealeMary112nd CabinAn orphan going out to friends in the Colony - her passage not paid by herself but by her Cousin in England who declined to give the certificate of age. No Land Order Warrant issued as Mary Neale did not go at her own expense as per Clause 5 of Immigration Act of September 1864, and as the required proof of eligibility as to age was not submitted.
TweedThomas182nd Cabin345530 pounds
WareFrank232nd Cabin345630 pounds
HodgsonZebulon23Intermediate345730 pounds
McCaskieEdward21Intermediate345830 pounds
SherringtonDuncan52Intermediate346030 pounds
SherringtonJanet52Intermediate346130 pounds
SherringtonDuncan20Intermediate346230 pounds
SherringtonMargaret11Intermediate346315 pounds
BattyEliza25Steerage346330 pounds
BycroftBenjamin47Steerage346530 pounds
BycroftJane21Steerage346630 pounds
BycroftTom18Steerage346730 pounds
BycroftGeorge16Steerage346830 pounds
BycroftBenjamin11Steerage346915 pounds
BycroftHenry9Steerage347015 pounds
BycroftEmily7Steerage347115 pounds
CarseyLouisa26Steerage347230 pounds
DanfordJohn Warren25Steerage347330 pounds
DanfordCaroline28Steerage347430 pounds
DanfordWarren4Steerage347515 pounds
HallElizabeth25Steerage347630 pounds
HansonJames30Steerage347730 pounds
MartinMary53Steerage347830 pounds
MendozaJulia25Steerage347930 pounds
StokesThomas Gibson29Steerage348030 pounds
StokesHelena18Steerage348530 pounds
ThomasJohn23Steerage348130 pounds
WestfieldFrederick James23Steerage348230 pounds
WilliamsJohn W Henry26Steerage348330 pounds
WolffEmma49Steerage348430 poundsEmma's descendants have in their possession a cabin trunk showing: Mrs Emma Wolff, Queen of the Colonies.
McCaskieJames23Intermediate345930 pounds