Examination of Aaron Pattemore

Examination of Aaron Pattimore

Excerpt kindly supplied by Diane Ellisor.

Examination of Aaron Pattimore (ref: D/PS/Ilm 6.45  30)

SOMERSET   The Examination of Aaron Pattimore now residing in the parish of Merriott in the said County labourer taken an oath before us two of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace of the said County this 30th Day of April 1801.

Who saith that he is about 62 years old as he believes that he was born in the parish of Merriott as he has heard and believes where his parents were legally settled.

That he lived with his parents till he was nine years old when he went to service with the late Mr. Murley of Merriott and lived with him seven or eight years with increased wages, meat drink and lodgings – That when he was about eighteen or nineteen years old he left the service of Mr. Murley and hires himself for a year with Mr. Draper of the parish of Haselbury Plucknett at seven guineas a year – that he lived with him a second year at nine guineas a year, meat drink and lodging – that he then drove a wagon for Mr. David Widdecombe of
Totness in Devonshire for about five months – that he then returned and lived with Mr. Draper for two years as a servant in the same way he had lived with him before That he then lived with Mr. Murley for about six months as a servant.  That he then drove a wagon for Mr. Andrews [
to Haselbury written in the margin] of Sherborne for several months by the week – That he has not made any agreement since he left Mr. Drapers service last for a year or done any act to gain settlement but has worked for different persons as a labourer.

The mark of    X  Aaron Pattimore

This would presumably be the Aaron Pattemore baptised 27th December 1740, son of Michael Pattemore and Ann, nee Patten.

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