Pattemore Wills

Pattemore Wills

A list of Wills and Administrations relating to Pattemores, 1863 – 1906, National Probate Registry.

These may be of interest to Pattemore researchers.  They were kindly supplied by Trevor Hutchings, who obtained the list from microfiche at the Somerset Record Office, and later obtained a copy of Edward Pattemore’s will for about £5 at the Principal Probate Registry, 1st Avenue House, High Holborn, London, several years ago now.

Online: .  You can download digital copies for £10 (2016).

Will of John Pattemore d 17.04.1863 at Merriott.
Administration of Jesse Pattemore late of Norton sub Hamdon d.14.9.1873.
Administration of Selina Pattemore late of Wellington (Somerset) d. 03.01.1874.
Administration of Elizabeth Pattemore late of Bridport d.26.05.1885.

Will of Mary Pattemore of Whitchurch Canonicorum d.03.06.1886.
Will of George Pattemore formerly of Cwmbran Monmouth but late of Rosedale Wyandote County Kansas U.S.A. d.16.08.1886.
Administration (with the will) of Alfred Pattemore of Merriott d.25.02.1890.
Probate of Samuel Pattemore of Merriott d.30.12.1894.             
Probate of Richard Pattemore of Merriott d.03.08.1897.
*1898 records were missing on the occasion of Trevor’s visit to Somerset Record Office several years ago.
Probate of Henry Pattemore of Merriott d.08.04.1901.
Probate of Jane Pattemore of Lantarnam Monmouthshire d.03.06.1900 ( recorded in 1901 register).
Probate of Thomas Pattemore of Lantarnam d.04.04.1900 (1901 register).
Administration (with will) of Samson Pattemore of Merriott d.20.09.03.
Probate of Ann Pattemore of Merriott d. 29.03.1906.

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